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Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Mike Verta, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. I, for one, am very much looking forward to Unleashed 5. I'm also open to suggestions for what liquor (or other beverage) I should procure for this marathon.
  2. I haven't announced it yet, but it's going to be Saturday December 15th!
  3. Yaaas. Will be submitting a holiday piece, looking forward to it so much.
  4. Mike have you thought about doing in 2 separate days (maybe also at 1 or 2 week of distance one from another) so you don't have to stay awake for all that time??
    I still don't know how you're able to stay awake for so long and then live the day after without hedache or similar.. :)
  5. I never took part in any of the live streams. Do I need an account somewhere or prepare anything? Is there a newsletter or something that I can subscribe to to get informed of the exact date and time the stream will happen?
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  6. He has a YouTube channel, I suggest subscribing: he used it last year to send out details about submissions, times, etc. Could be different this year, of course.
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  7. Thanks! So I'll need a youtube account? Currently I don't have one. Or at least I don't use one, not actually sure if I have an old gmail account that I could log in with.
  8. Only if you want the notifications in your inbox. You can check in every couple of days instead of subscribing. I'm curious if there will be only notification on this forum.
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  9. A week to go! Very excited :)
  10. Is it still happening on the 15th?
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  11. Where/how are pieces supposed to be submitted? And would a track that I know is severely flawed be a good submission for collectively learning from it? I've found past unleashed videos very helpful as a series of examples where Mike can point at the flaws and say "not like that, here's how we can improve it". If that's the general consensus I'll gladly contribute a track and brace myself for brutally honest feedback. Not sure I'll be able to watch live, but I'll definitely watch the upload on youtube!
  12. My guess is submit your best work, that way you can learn where to go from your best
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  13. I'm still very much at the beginning of my journey, so even my "best" is still flawed as hell and I know there's lots of room for improvement. Just don't want to waste anyone's time. I'm "hesitant" to share any of my work publicly to say the least and have yet to post something here or on vi:c.
  14. You'll get very valuable feedback no matter your level :)
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  15. Slammed on gigs which is why I haven't announced; was hoping to do on the 15th but couldn't happen. Probably after Christmas but I'd like to get it in before the New Year, and yes, you should absolutely submit!
  16. Submit where? Or will that be part of the official announcement after Xmas?
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  17. No problem, thanks for the update!

    I'll gladly do so, but you gotta tell me where I can submit. :)
  18. Just wait for the official announcement. :) It probably will be announced here on Redbanned and on Mike's YouTube page. Stay tuned.
  19. Yes there will be a full announcement here and on YouTube with instructions, etc., stay tuned!

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