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Unleashed V?

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Matthias Calis, Dec 22, 2018.

  1. #61 Rohann van Rensburg, Jan 14, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2019
    Timestamps please.

    I would feel terrible if it was the honest effort of someone just starting out with composition, but I have a hard time believing that was the case.

    Ghandzilla actually sounded like an honest effort. They at least had a repeated melody of sorts, etc. The Unleashed V piece reminded me more of "Beach Blast" on Tim and Eric, what with the tempo changes and such.
  2. The link I just posted should take you straight to it.

    Here's 'Adventure Brass Sketch 1B'. Man it was such a weirdly cool piece lol.

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  3. Oh that one. But yeah, if they were jokes, it was fun and if they're serious, I hope they're not disheartened and learned from it.
    Concerning the Unleashed V piece though, after checking out some more about the track and the artist, I'm not sure what to believe anymore about the intent and seriousness.
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  4. Thanks. Should have said "edit", saw your post after mine posted.

    This piece was weird but pretty cool.
  5. If it's some kid who has never written anything before, then at least he got some repeating sections in there. I hope he transcribes a lot and keeps at it.
  6. Turns out the piece in question from Unleashed 5 was indeed real - I got a long email from the composer. I've offered to review it for him, while suggesting that the reaction he got might be the best review of all.
  7. Did you mention Comp 1 is 40% off?
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  8. Dude I've had that odd ball 'hook' from it in my head all day haha! It's a total prog-rockish trip. I'm hearing everything from King Crimson to Kraftwerk in there. Mike nailed it with the Spinal Tap reference hahaha.
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  9. #69 Jure Jerebic, Jan 15, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2019
    Goddammit, I spit out my coffee when I read Ghandzilla and heard the start. The piece from U5 is real? With the Star Trek theme in it? That's weird, but OK.
  10. It was, he's in the youtube comments somewhere and I've talked to him on VI:C in some thread. His primary job is as a librarian iirc. I think he mentioned he dropped composing for a couple of months at some point, I hope it wasn't because of unleashed.
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  11. He demonstrated a LOT of knowledge, just needed some structure :)
  12. I think that's natural. You start seeing the expanse between your skill -- which naturally includes that creation you slaved away at and are proud of -- and where you want to be. It can be discouraging, like thinking you're near the top of a mountain only to realize you're not even halfway, but the only solution is to keep going.

    Yeah the influences are definitely there, it just really needs the sophistication and underlying understanding. KC is not a band one imitates lightly. Reminds me vaguely (in that sense) of people imitating John Williams devices without understanding his underlying music.
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  13. I was very aware of the problems in my track and not proud at all (I rarely am, in general), but it was a good representation of where I am, I think. I had specifically asked here whether I should even submit under those conditions, but Mike said yes. And it was super useful for me, because he confirmed how I felt, and showed me the right way forward. But I think I'll likely skip next year, and leave the space for others who need it more. The gap that I need to close, I won't be able to close in just one year, given how little time I can spend on this hobby. And when I get stuck, which only is a matter of time, I know I'll get help here :).
  14. Yeah and sometimes simply being right about what's wrong with your track is just as much an indication of growth, or at least knowing which path you need to go down. And absolutely, this forum has been amazing for that. It really does feel like a community of people trying to improve their craft, rather than a stereotypical online forum where people argue. I do hope it stays small-ish, but I have a feeling not that many people are willing to have their pieces shredded apart on a regular basis.
  15. #75 Michel Schallenberg, Jan 16, 2019
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    My piece was Ihfman, it was surely the most "crazy" piece of music i've ever written so far. I had listened to Stravinsky a lot (I said Schostakowitsch in the stream chat, that was wrong) and just tried to imitate it.
    The reaction was very clear and hurt, i even felt a bit ashamed, but i think Mike was totally right.
    I ordered scores from Bach, Dvorak and Stravinsky and will start to transcripe them soon.

    So next year will be much better, i hope.

    And thanks again for reviewing my piece Mike, really appreciate it.
  16. My advice: Write simple pieces first. and wait for the complex music when you are ready for it.
  17. #77 Rohann van Rensburg, Jan 16, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2019
    It can feel really discouraging, but Mike's intent isn't to lampoon. It's natural to feel embarrassed, but bear in mind nobody worth your time thinks less of you for it (rather the inverse -- you put it out there!). Having the courage to have something critiqued is a really important part of learning, and sometimes blunt advice can orient to where you are and where you need to go you much more accurately than a "good job". Take it as encouragement to really get going at the basics.
    You also mention that it was the "craziest" thing you'd written. Experimentation is good, and an inherent part of experimentation is failure, which is an excellent way to learn. But there's a difference between highly informed experimentation and "wild" experimentation, failure in the case of the latter usually resulting in a great deal more disappointment and frustration. If you don't understand the underlying "core" of someone like Stravinsky's work well enough and you attempt to write something like The Rite of Spring, the likelihood of failure will be far higher, just as if you try and execute a difficult French dish without a strong grasp on cooking basics. Doesn't mean the lesson isn't valuable, though -- just take it as direction on what to work on.
  18. I am always genuinely impressed by people willing to put their pieces in my reticle. In all the ways that matter, they are doers, not talkers. They will improve and deserve to.
  19. @Mike Verta , mind sharing what cam you used for the stream? It looked amazing.
  20. Last week Mike has hinted at another "Unleashed" on VI:C

    I don't think it's been mentioned here yet and I assume he wants to figure out the exact date before he makes his officially announcement. But I thought some of you might like to have a little heads up to find time to get a piece ready for submission.

    A couple days before I had seen that post I had tried again to "fix" the piece I submitted to the last unleashed, but hit a brick wall. I'm not far along yet skill wise, I need to practice more first. I don't think I'll submit anything this year.
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