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Unleashed V?

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Matthias Calis, Dec 22, 2018.

  1. Thanks for the stream, and especially thanks for squeezing me in at the end there, Mike. I felt guilty because you were obviously completely knackered, but any opportunity to get my stuff ripped a new one, I'm in. :eek:
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    Best part of the stream (5:30:40)...

  3. Wow, almost 18 hours.
    It has been great, thanks for doing it! It was fun to listen to all the other pieces, there's always some interesting stuff. I'm looking forward towards the next one.
    I'll try to put the timestamps for every piece of the first part in the youtube comments.
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    I love this community. Thank you for taking the time to do that, I had written down a bunch of these for reference.

    @Mike Verta : Thank you, sincerely, for taking the time to do that. I owe the growth of my perspective with music to you, as well as a great deal of the motivation to work hard at it. Without blowing smoke, I also want to commend you for your ridiculous endurance and patience. Your insight was obviously amazing for those "in the know", and you were remarkably patient and encouraging for newcomers who were perhaps unfamiliar with your teaching. This is going to turn out to be a fantastic resource for people.

    PS. For anyone asking "Did they play my piece?": The second part of the stream isn't fully uploaded yet. It will get there.
  5. @Mike Verta: Thank you so much for doing this for us! I've watched the first 8 hours live and will watch the rest over the course of the next days. I'm baffled how you have the endurance for these marathons, I couldn't do anything for so long. Mad respect!
    It's uncanny how spot on your critque on my entry was. You instantly could put into words what I've already felt but couldn't quite articulate, and showed me the steps I need to take now to get better. I'll do my best!

    P.S.: Feature suggestion for next year: enumerating the tracks you've reviewed already in the text field where you put the title. The question how far along we were came up quite a lot in chat.
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  6. Track list for part 2: I might have missed some, and havent had time to check time stamps:
    Stage Right
    Storybook Ending
    Forest in the Sky
    After Medjugorgje
    Aquarium Exhibit
    Slow Drama
    Immortal Desires
    Il Matador
    The Watchmaker
    Sunrise over the High Peak
    Fawn in the Sun
    Window to the Past
    Beyond Hope
    December Morning
    Old Wild West
    Elves at Work
    Winter Reflections
    Snowy Trainride at sunset
    Playing with Autum Leaves
    Perfume 6
    Jazz Latin
    5 Colored Stones
    A Sweet Knight
    Wood Pasture
    Another Adventure
    Przewalski's Ponies
    Fly with me
    Barcarolle for Niece
    Mystic Peace
  7. Just got to Mike's comments on my Piece (Aquarium Exhibit) - Totally nailed all the stuff I was happy with and also not happy with. I think it's strong melodically with some decent orchestration, but I need to work on development and modulation as well as having my different sections still feel coherent. I often struggle to make three or four sections feel like they're absolutely part of the same thing, and Mike & you guys shone a light on that.
    Some great feedback in the comments too.

    And people were asking about live or not - it's a small (41-piece) orchestra, with some samples mixed in.

    I'll take all your comments on board Mike and work hard on improving the stuff you pointed out. Thanks again for a fantastic marathon session of feedback!
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  8. Damn, submitted too late. Great critique though.
  9. Fantastic stream although I'm disappointed the piece that I submitted the same day as the announcement wasn't played. Whatever, I'll post it here sometime maybe.
  10. Yeah, unfortunately the order was completely screwed up, even though Mike went through the pieces by timestamp. My guess is Dropbox sorts by local time when the user submitted the track, which would be all over the place...
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  11. Thanks Mike and everybody in the chat.

    Learned a great deal from all the pieces and critiques. Loved the drinking game banter.

    I saw the beginning 2/3 hours (I'm in Europe). Then called it a day. Had some tea. Went to sleep. Woke up. Made breakfast. Had breakfast. Did the work I needed to do for the company I work for. Then thought let's see if they are still going . . . and you were.

    Missed my live review though. Mine was Try out one. And first I did not quite get it in the replay. I reran the segment and I now understand what Mike was saying. Next is applying it. I will start with chords the next cue I'm writing and see if I can make a good melody out of it.Spend more time on working that out than grabbing synths and doing sound design.
  12. Post here, I'll take a listen.
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    Hey Mike! Same situation here and was wondering if I would be able to post my piece here as well?
  14. Yep I think this is where I checked out hahahaha, I had just nodded off and was woken by the cosmic tones of that piece.

    Had a tonne of fun - only downside was that I'm doing a dry January so I couldn't partake in the whiskey!
  15. Thanks Mike for this marathon review session. You may have found yourself repeating the same advice many times (and I've learned from the critiques of other's music) but there is still value when hearing that advice applied to one's own music, so thanks for continuing to repeat yourself as often as necessary.
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  16. Thank you so much for doing this Mike! How you sound as alert 16 hours in as in the very first hour is some weird magic trick I'm sure:D
    I was very happy to hear your comments about my piece "A Fair Tale", I agree about the drums being cheap and also that I could've stretched out at the end. It was written for a music library and couldn't be longer than roughly 2 minutes so that's part of it but your critique was on point regardless.

    Thanks again!

  17. I've watched this multiple times just because the reaction was so perfect. That said, this piece actually did have repeating sections!
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  18. Me too lol. It reminds me of classics from past Unleasheds such as 'Ghandzilla' and 'Adventurous Brass Sketch 1B'. Love it!
  19. Adventure Brass Sketch 1B was great, but where did the other one happen? Can't remember it.
  20. Here ya go

    Would love to hear how these guys have progressed since then!

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