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Unleashed V?

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Matthias Calis, Dec 22, 2018.

  1. I did one of these a few years ago. :)
  2. Haha, awesome!
  3. "1 sip for every sip Mike takes"

    No thanks, I wanna remember some of the class x]. My lightweight liver isn't cut out for this kind of challenge.
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  4. Aside from drinking...
    I just uploaded a piece via https://dbinbox.com/mverta in MP3 format (190 kbs) named as the name of the piece and my name (name_of_the_piece - my_name.mp3). Was it as simple as that? I wonder if I missed to sign up at dbinbox or some kind of form?
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    I believe yes.

    Edit: I submitted too now, no turning back.
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  6. I kind of wish there was some sort of way to veto the "Epic" pieces. I mean I hate to be elitist, people posting clearly want feedback and I respect that, but there was at least one Unleashed in particular where Mike was constantly repeating himself because so many of the pieces sounded like "epic trailer music". I just don't understand why anyone would submit that kind of thing at this point, there are 4 other Unleashed's where Mike mercilessly tears those apart. It doesn't take that long to notice the fundamental issues there, and if it's the music you really want to write (for some reason) then why submit it to Mike?
  7. I don't really agree with this statement. I feel like "Epic" in and of itself is not automatically negative, and they mostly have problems that a lot of other non-epic pieces have. Vertical development is not exclusive to "epic" pieces, and horizontal development is not automatically negated in epic pieces.

    I agree that most of "epic" pieces have orchestrational/development problems (they max out on instruments that can play at any given moment, and have no room to go - and sometimes they don't develop horizontally), but everyone has the right to have his own piece critiqued. Moreover, 99% of the pieces submitted in the Unleashed videos suffer from the same problems anyway, even without thunderous drums and screaming choir (mine included). Lastly, the people that submit these pieces are arguably the ones that need help the most.

    I don't know why you would think this. I would bet money that most people submit music that is very close to their heart and that represents them musically.
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    "Epic", as used on this board, has almost exclusively negative connotations, and it's that which I'm referring to: zero development, zero dynamics, maybe 3 chords, and a bad imitation of AAA Hollywood. I did it when I first started, as did a lot of others. There was at least one year in which probably half the pieces submitted, at least for the few hours I was watching, fell into this category.

    The people that submit these particular pieces that violate literally every facet of musical competence that Mike talks about should first watch the other Unleashed's as well as his free YouTube videos, if not his paid classes, and try to learn as much as they can there so they can maximize on their opportunity to receive feedback. I'm not sure why it's beneficial to beginners, or others watching, to ignore everything he's already taught in order to get their piece torn apart in precisely the same way everyone else who has made those initial mistakes has. If you have the opportunity to have someone as competent as he is review your work, why wouldn't you want to capitalize on it as much as possible? What's the point of past videos if beginners don't bother learning from them? If they've already learned from those videos and simply need direct feedback in order for main teaching points to hit home, then cool, I get that.

    Because there are evidently droves of composers online who are happy writing trailer music that doesn't adhere to the concepts Mike is trying to teach. Again, given the literally dozens of hours of Unleashed available online, it's pretty clear that the "epic" (as defined earlier) genre is going to get the same response from Mike. You can see him get visibly irritated in many points in the Unleashed videos, I imagine because of this incessant repetition and the predictability found therein.

    Look, I'm not trying to say people shouldn't submit pieces, or that only certain types of pieces are permissible, or that I'm a better composer than these people are. I'm saying an awful lot of time is spent on pieces that sound exactly the same, pieces that one would likely know need work in very basic, obvious areas if one had spent time watching even a while of previous Unleashed's or any of Mike's classes. I'll probably submit a piece, but it will likely be basic, because having spent the time watching and trying to learn from Mike, the basis of his instruction is mastery of fundamentals (and mine are still miles away from there). But because I've invested that time into what's already available, I know that dressing up the basics with a lot of loud horns is probably going to distract from the attention I need on fundamentals.
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  9. Musical education and literacy are at Paleolithic levels. We get like the people we're with, and we like what we know. People who submit epic pieces, write epic pieces, like epic pieces - listen to lots of epic pieces and not tons else. If you've never really appreciated something else, you don't know what you're missing. People are also, generally, far less educated, experienced, and competent; they have no philosophy or interesting story to tell. I expect Unleashed to be flooded with pieces the result of this, and if Unleashed is the first place that opens their eyes onto a bigger, richer, more vibrant world, I'm okay with it. It's frustrating on some level, yes, but I push through because, in the end, my goal is to help composers be better composers. And, as has been said, it seems virtually all of us struggle with the ground-level basics; a byproduct, doubtless, of abysmal musical education and low standard. So we do what we can to raise both.
  10. Thanks for offering to do another Unleashed this year, Mike. I find them valuable and I appreciate your generosity and dedication to providing feedback and setting our sights higher. I'll be pleased if I walk away with a Mesolithic grade for my piece this year and a few new things to pay attention to in the year ahead. One foot in front of the other.
  11. We all certainly appreciate your generosity and patience, Mike. I really do hope people learn from previous Unleashed videos, though, and for the sake of your sanity do their due diligence to learn all they can from what's already available (for free, I might add). There really were some great sounding pieces last year, but I think there's the potential to be many more of those, proportionately.
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    Here's what I wrote down for Part I in case you want to find your own. The times are Pacific time zone, so I'm sure it'll be a bit shifted once uploaded later. I may have missed a few.

    11:07 you'll never make it
    11:20 defy your fate
    11:32 masterpro 2
    11:44 orchestral opening
    11:58 the beast unleashed
    12:21 Above Ground
    12:34 Soaring about the Clouds
    12:50 Land of Fey
    1:00 For My Love
    1:08 The Day of Giving
    1:16 Theresa's Song
    1:25 Windwalkers (skipped due to file format issues)
    1:26 Your Story Isn't Over Yet
    1:46 Wings of Freedom
    1:59 Epic Adventure
    2:07 It's a Thing
    2:13 Cassie's Theme
    2:19 Weihnachtswolf
    2:24 Sirah
    2:32 Thrill Ride
    2:38 Chain Links
    2:46 Open Road
    2:50 Try Out One
    2:55 Wings
    3:02 Ina Love Theme
    3:07 For Her Happiness
    3:16 Western Fantasy Orchestral Trailer
    3:40 Freeze
    3:47 Flute Choir (skipped due to file format issues)
    3:48 Chased By Lions
    3:54 Forever Sunsets
    3:59 Eye
    4:07 Choose Your Destiny
    4:15 Our Man, Other Men
    4:21 Magic Circle
    4:29 One Way Ticket
    4:34 ~missed name~ 80s synthy piece
    4:40 Late To Unleashed
    4:44 Birdie vs Eagle
    4:48 Magic World
    4:53 Victor's Spoils
    4:56 Witch Hunt
    5:05 Lost Raider of the Crystal Temple
    5:14 Pictures from the Past
    5:18 Cats Adventures in Space
    5:29 Take A Gander, Take a Goose
    5:33 HMS Bonetta
    5:41 Master of Lightning
    <may have missed one here>
    6:13 Slightly Exaggerated
    6:18 Mystic River
    6:24 Project Chaos 2
    6:40 A Fair Tale
    6:45 Christmas Cheer
    6:49 Space Engineer
    6:59 Scissor Hands Meets Zimmer Hands
    7:10 The Brightest Star
    7:17 Cry Hero Love Theme
    7:23 Snake Adventure
    7:27 Thomas Grunwald
    7:49 Hero on Adventure
    8:14 Toys and Tin Soldiers
    8:24 Crossing Into Pania
    8:36 Ewilan
    8:42 Adventurous Voyagers
    8:55 Scamper
    9:01 Raindrops on my Window
    9:09 Woodwinds Quartet
    9:15 The Fallen
    9:24 Azure Stratus Climbing
    9:45 Deep Under the Bustling City
    9:51 Thoughts for Life
    9:59 Alibi Cry
    10:04 Leaf of the Poplar
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  13. Missing: Thanks a lot, think it was something like thanks a lot for doing unleased or something. Should be between Master of Lightning and Slighly Exaggerated.
  14. As mentioned on the chat, I'd like to suggest next time people submit the piano sketch (even if it's really rough) as well as the full piece.
    It would get people thinking about getting a solid, musical, coherent idea first. Hopefully it will result in fewer submissions, and more thoughtful ones where people have really thought about the process of composition.
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  15. This Unleashed was incredible! Thank you so much Mike, going for 17 hours is insane!
    I wouldn't be half the composer I am now without your classes; this Unleashed alone is worth more than studying a whole year at any university. Thank you for the great class!
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  16. Yes, it was a great stream to watch. Had to sleep though, so I missed my piece (came up two pieces after I turned out the light...) Our Man, Other Men, at 4.15 into the stream (thanks for the list!). Anyone here knows when the first part of the stream will be up at youtube? I am a first timer - very curious what he has to say about the piece.
  17. 17,5 hours...The man is a machine. A very, very dedicated machine. I’d be curious to hear his notes as overall for the music we’ve heard. It was the usual things I would say, although there was a lot of emotional music and not as much “epic” stuff this time. The feedback I’ve received on my two tracks, “Toys and Tin Soldiers” and “Storybook Ending” was incredible, I cannot thank him enough.
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  18. Did you sit through the whole show, Jure?
  19. No, but @Benjamin Maisonet did
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  20. Great show, Mike! So much great info and advice! :)

    Does anyone happen to know if he played my track, 'Small Town Hero'? Went through the stream and wasn't able to find it...:/

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