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Discussion in 'Classes & Discussion' started by Mike Verta, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Mike, just wanted to thank you again for this class. It was exactly what I was hoping to get, plus a ton more. Loved the philosophy in the beginning, finding musical libraries, playing things in, making the lines expressive. And the balancing/Z-space tutorial was eye-opening. Thank you again! Totally worth it!

  2. It was informative, engaging and entertaining, with a couple of rants at the end. What more could you want ?

    Mike was right about one thing though, template balancing is a tedious as hell. I've nearly done my strings and I will be taking a break from it for a while.
  3. Going the through the class now. In case you guys are wondering. LASS is one of the driest string Libs you are going find after VSL. I've got the entire alphabet soup of string libs (SSS, Albion One, CCS, LASS, and some 8Dio one offs) and LASS is about as dry and upfront as it gets.
  4. man, I paused to play around a little in my daw with pre-q'ing the flutes and whatnot, and I have something strangley sax-like going on with the clarinets.

    driving me nuts lol
  5. Mike,

    The other night you indicated that string articulations in order of loudness should be relative to the Sus articulation.

    Sus - loudest
    String runs
    Tremolos - Would this also include measured trems?
    Con Sordino

    Where would you place, Marcato and Trills?

    Thanks again for a great class.
  6. id assume trills would be the same as runs/legato in general. that's how they're played... it's just fast legato

    marcato, I'd say should have the attack volume lined up with the SUS. that's probably safer in terms of translation to a real orchestra.
  7. Damnit! How did I miss this one. Wanted to be there for it live.

    Mike, is there any way you'd consider emailed announcements (future classes) for anyone who wants to opt-in? I try to keep up but often don't seem to.
  8. My new favorite video. I had all but given up on trying to make virtual orchestra sound more realistic. This was a huge eye-opener. So much was stuff I used for other audio (making ADR sound further away) but for some reason never applied to virtual orchestra. Thanks for this, it’s making it much more fun to write for sampled orchestra again.
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  9. @Mike Verta - Any chance we can get a forum added for this class?
  10. Question for Cubase users (@Alexander Schiborr !?)

    Let's say you're done eq-ing your instrument and you want to add reverb, so you send it to a bus..
    How do you deal with the fact that the signal you send to the reverb doesn't take the eq you just applied into consideration?
    Does Cubase send the signal pre-insert or something? Because that's what it sounds like..
    Can I change that somewhere?

    I'm taking a tooooon of stuff out of the bottom for some tracks, but solo-ing the reverb it's all there still, so you end up with a muddy verb that doesn't match at all.
    You can eq the verb channel even further but that's not too practical if you're sending other channels into it as well

  11. In Cubase, hit E on the audio/inst track and you can control signal flow there. But usually a post send is after inserts and eq, seems weird.
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  12. Well there's this thing I never really noticed but that doesn't help because the eq was on the 'correct' side of the line already.

    I think my template project has gotten corrupted somehow, I've been having other strange issues as well.
    Inserting the plugin on a track in an empty project and rolling off the bottom prior to sending to a bus does indeed work as you'd expect

    Thanks Jeff!

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  13. Isn´t that dependent of where you put the insert? I think it makes a difference when you put it into postfader or prefader which I think are the last 3 slots. But I have to check that out.

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