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Mike's New Rig

Discussion in 'Custom Projects' started by Mike Verta, Oct 1, 2020.

  1. I don't have a great deal to add, but I received 2016 Stereo Room Reverb from Eventide for free one Black Friday and happened to see Alan Meyerson using it in a mixing video. Super reliable, not expensive, CPU light and does believable room reverb well, at least to my ears. I don't really use other reverbs anymore, unless I'm screwing around with sounds. Echoboy seems to be the go-to delay.
  2. I've only played with the demos so far but, the Precedence + Breeze combo from 2CAudio sounds really good to me! I'm hoping they'll have a big Black Friday deal.
  3. Interesting that the system uses an intel CPU. I guess it has to do with latency? From what I read on the other forum, AMD's previous generation of CPU's apparently was a bit worse for audio latency but this should be resolved with the latest (Zen3) chips. Market availability of the actual chips also probably has to do with it since it's pretty difficult to get your hands on a new 5000 series AMD cpu right now.

    As for reverbs, I second Seventh Heaven (though if you get Cinematic Rooms... I doubt you'll need Seventh Heaven). I'm also quite partial to Eareverb 2 because it's the only algorithmic reverb / positioner I have that doesn't have that metallic-like sound that most algo's do. It's great for positioning dry stuff without doing the manual hassle of delay + eq + verb.
  4. Weird, I literally stopped using Eareverb 2 because of its metallic sound.
  5. Does anybody know how to get more dynamic range out of Spitfire's Symphonic Strings Longs? The Tremolos have a much wider (inaccurately wider) range but they're much more expressive and useable. ppp to FFF. The longs have like p - f.
  6. @Mike Verta Assign cc11 to the mod wheel to extend the volume amplitude of the long patch. That´s an okayish solution, surely it does not get you true FFF dynamics though. Another way would be to start layering or simply use another patch from a library just for that situation where you need it. To get Sound and Room placement (use micings if available) right, you could try to eq to make another library's "Longs" to sound similar to the SSS Longs. You could check out Berlin Strings longs for that. Though I don´t know your treatment of the longs in SSS and what micing balance you chose there, it it possible to make it work.
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  7. Yeah, in their videos, the Spitfire guys move CC#11 and modwheel together as a kind of virtual extended modwheel. I guess that's the expected usage.
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  8. #28 Mike Verta, Jan 12, 2021
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2021
    First test drive of the new template.

    Needs some finesse, but it's handling the way I like it.

  9. Wow sounds amazing Mike! I know the magic is in your performance and expression but I must ask, what libraries are you using here?

  10. This setup is remarkably straight ahead. I had to rebuild it twice because I was actually overcomplicating things. It is Aaron Venture's Infinite Brass and Infinite Woodwinds, Spitfire Symphonic Strings, and the percussion is hodgepodge of patches from Spitfire Percussion and Hollywood Percussion. The harp is Berlin Symphonic Harps and the piano is The Grand 3 from Steinberg. There is only one reverb being used - Cinematic Rooms - on the Hollywood Percussion only. All other reverb/staging is built into the libraries, and there is just one instance of an EQ, a Pro-Q on the harp to brighten them a bit.
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  11. Santa brought me Cinematic Rooms last month and it is fantastic. Are you always monitoring in 5.1+?
  12. Actually this is just a stereo setup for now. 5.1+ is next!
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  13. First I saw this teaser and then Mikes Demo.
    I wish it would be related :D

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  14. @Mike Verta Wow incredible how far libraries have come with that stuff. The articulations alone sound and feel great on your demo. Seems like only yesterday when I was listening to your VSL template tour and you had to create all these Altiverb rooms just to make them sound together lol Mike this is totally random but as I'm in the market for a music studio desk, is there any you recommend or like to use?
  15. The reason I'm using the Infinite series is precisely because they are so expressive and playable. You simply cannot get those types of performances with rigid key switched articulations. My hand never leaves the mod wheel. But the fact that the built-in rooms for those different libraries happen to blend is something of a happy accident. My strings are essentially reverbless.

    I'm ultimately doing a custom desk, but for the time being I grabbed a Studio Desk Music Commander and it's well-made.
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  16. That’s awesome, I will have to revisit the spitfire symphonic strings. And the desk looks very nice btw, I’ll definitely look into them. Thanks Mike!

  17. The Expression is definitely there, also a good choice going with Aaron's Infinite Series here. The only thing, but this is minor: I find the midrange a bit flat or the room. Did you do any treatment on the template? Any kind of Mid / Side EQ or a Smiley Face? Just curious.
  18. #38 Mike Verta, Jan 13, 2021
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    I'm listening. Can you elaborate - tell me what you're hearing and how you'd fix it. I'm still getting used to my new Focals - they're brutally, unforgivably honest. And no, nothing spatially or EQ-wise on the template. Raw stereo out from the samples.
  19. Hey Mike,

    Maybe something in that direction? A bit more midrange, a bit of saturation (Studer A800), bit less of that harsh 4-5 K on the brass (trumpets/trombones)...although..the treatment is done on the mix, so my possibilities are limited here...so yeah. There is also some light compression..(I know..you probably don´t do that..however..a subtle compression doesn´t hurt imo)

  20. What are you monitoring through? Also, whatever you did killed the stereo image. Was it a plugin?

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