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James Horner UCLA Guest Lecture (1992)

Discussion in 'On Horner' started by Chris Morphitis, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. I do agree with you, that copyright is being taken too far. However, in the case of Tchaikovsky's piece; the composition is certainly out of copyright. But the performance was also copyright(ed?) and that may be why it was taken down. In other words, if you compose a written score (on paper), you can copyright it. Now suppose a hundred years later, the composition is no longer under copyright protection. If musicians perform and record it, that recording is now under copyright.
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    It was posted by "Rodders" who posts rare and usual classical music on youtube. His YT channel, like many others who are posting to educational music examples, gets take down notices due to copyright strikes and his entire channel has gone off line several times. Its back up now, along with the piece I mentioned. My point was, you can't go to buy this recording as its not for sale anymore. So the crime of posting on YT seems to me more like the crime of picking flowers. This is one of Tchaikovsky's earliest pieces so its a great learning reference to compare with his later works. Not to allow it to be heard seems to me like a far worse crime! What I find surprising is how much of his signature sound was already established at such an early stage.

    However, to put this conversation back in context of the topic, James Horner was the far bigger thief in stealing musical ideas (verbatim) from others! Not that his is a bad thing, but he did have an obsessive habit of literal borrowing. I'm sure that he learned a great deal from doing this too. And those learning, might take note of this.


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