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Where are my party people at ?

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Doug Gibson, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. Hey Doug! Thanks for the kind words!

    Myself, on the music front, I'm working on stitching together a demo reel. But so far I'm not satisfied with the musical development of my pieces and don't really have enough time to provide attention to it at the moment, nor will I for a few weeks. I know what I have to do for them to work, but I need a 2-week space to get it done, and these days I'm doing a massive amount of engravings, so I have very little time for anything else. Hence the reason I was really interested in Dorico. I use Sibelius for now and it works but, as you know, it has its quirks. I'm looking forward to getting Dorico, maybe during the holidays with a crossgrade. We'll see.

    On the personal side, I got married a little over a month ago, so I'm beaming as you can imagine. It is actually one of the reasons I've had so little time lately; the honeymoon (which was lovely) delayed me and the work piled up. Not complaining, though! Happy to have a beautiful wife, a lot of work and a lot of ideas and things to look forward to. There are minor details in my life that could improve but overall I feel very lucky and grateful.

    What are you up to these days?
  2. Wow, you basically just did this to me. (Good for you !!!)

    It would be great if you started a thread with some of your engraving examples. Like you, I do a lot of music prep work. It's a steady source of work for me. I often work for NYC music services (Philip runs the Scoring Notes blog and NYCMS) and right now on my desk work for a composer for a company called Subito.

    I like the idea, so I might make an engraving thread if you pass.

    Congratulations again and nice to hear from you.
  3. LOL! Sorry man! didn't mean to brag or anything. Haven't seen that movie in ages, I should probably rewatch it.

    Like you, engraving is a significant part of my income. I follow Scoring Notes as well as the Tim Davies blogs, both invaluable. I really enjoy the process, there's something really cool about having neat, efficient scores and I love going in and taking care of the special details that make a difference for performers and the conductor.

    I'd love to do have a thread and discuss engraving with whoever's in the same boat. Not sure if I can get around to do it this weekend, big delivery due this next Monday. But if you're inclined to get it started, I'll be happy to chime in with some examples. Otherwise, I'll get it going sometime next week. I know it sounds like too much fuss about writing a forum thread/post but it takes me ages to do (English is not my native language, so everything takes me a bit more to write) and I also need to gather some specific examples of things that I think are cool/uncool in a score. I imagine it would be useful to the folks here to know how the process works and, most importantly, what not to do. There is a list of stuff that I absolutely hate seeing in a score that I see incredibly often. My most hated example is a quarter note placed in the 2& of a 4/4 bar. Use ties, people! We're not animals!

  4. Hey Doug!
    Good to hear from you. It has probably been much longer than 6 months since I last "finished" a track. I think the closest I've come to writing any music recently was this snippet, but it's really mostly a sounddesgin excercise (so far):

    The goal is to create lots of different gnarly synth sounds from just mangling sine waves and white noise with lots of effects and amplitude modulation.

    I'm still having so much trouble with... not even sure how to describe it... all of the important early steps in composing a piece of music? I'll let you know if I make any progress there.

    I've been too distracted by other things recently to really focus on music. Not sure that's gonna change any time soon. But I'm looking forward to hear your next piece based on that 70's video that you linked in the other thread! The two pieces you've linked on soundcloud were older ones you did, right? Good stuff either way!

    I can relate!
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  5. I did not mean in a "tutorial" sense. More like an art gallery. I'll get it started. Just a place to hang up examples of your work.
    Questions and tutorials can go in another thread.

    I hear you about the second language. A small error can be a big deal

  6. Do you have cock??:eek: :D:D:D lmfao
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  7. No music for me these days. No time due to my day job. I am trying to teach myself mixing via Puremix, Mix with the Masters, etc. It can be just as frustrating as composing. I walk away from something feeling like it's decent and then come back later only to realize it's total shit. Just like composing! ha
  8. I think my favorite part is the "Ask them the price of cock"

    PS. How is season 2 of Cobra Kai?
  9. Don't know how true it is, but I have read that when you get good at mastering, your own mixes never sound that much better to you, it's just that the reference mixes that you used to look up to will also start to sound bad too :D.

    A show... so that's what it is! I was wondering what that shirt was about.

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