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Waves warning, they delete your old plug-ins

Discussion in 'Current Gear' started by Jeff Laity, May 7, 2018.

  1. I knew about Waves WUP, an annual plan to keep up to date. But what I didn't realize is that they delete and ransom your old plug-ins when you buy a new one. I have a few Waves plug-ins that I used from time to time. I saw they had a sale on the SSL plug-ins, two for $50, sure why not.

    When I installed them, it uninstalled all of my other Waves plug-ins. Because it updated Waveshell to version whatever, my plug-ins aren't compatible with that waveshell, so they all went bye bye. Now I need to pay $120 if I want to see my old plug-ins again. I actually think they have the sale to trap you like this, so you have to re-purchase all of your old plug-ins again. And there's no way to go back to the old version from what I can tell.

    What a scummy company. Run far away from Waves.
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  2. Did you send an email to their support? That's a dick move, but might not be intentional. Unless they updated the EULA and the old one doesn't mention anything like this, you should have access to them or they're the ones breaking it.
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  3. I can't see how this can be legal?
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  4. I contacted support and they didn't reply. I think this is part of WUP. The Waveshell was updated (probably to add new products) and I didn't have a current support contract for the new Waveshell. I'm fine to live without using Waves in the future but I have old projects that use them. If I restore them I'll have to recreate the mix because I'm sure as hell not sending them another dime.

    Just proves that you don't actually own software. I'm buying an old QX1 sequencer and an ADAT.
  5. Do the old plugins show up in Waves Central? I had one fluke where they got moved to the cloud.
  6. I know this thread is a year old but did you ever get a reply from Waves in the end? I've been a waves user for some years now and this kind of thing always worries me.
  7. Well, they changed from version 9 to version 10 plugins. They then put up a note saying there was new update but not mentioning that using it would result in all your model 9 plugins becoming unusable. They're still on the machine, you just can't use them. The screams started within 24 hours, and they spent about three months developing workarounds while working with individual customer machine by machine. They've now developed a tool and extensive documentation on how to get everything living together happily. Bottom line is that if you have only version 9's, and haven't updated your system they should still run fine. If you HAVE updated your system to 10, you'll have to follow the detailed instructions on how to get your old plug-ins working again. There's a long irate Gearslutz thread on the subject: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/pro...version-10-now-available-17.html#post13979491
  8. Thanks for the update. I don't think I'll buy Waves plugins again; I've never had other plugins be such an irritation over something as trivial as i.e. Waves plugin licenses having to be put on a USB or network adapter (but not an iLok). I don't know why every other plugin can either go on an iLok or have virtual licensing set up on your PC sans network adapter.
  9. I did finally get them working thorough their "Waves Central" app. I can't remember exactly how. But now I try not to use their plug-ins and don't buy more. I don't want to have a situation in the future where I need to open an old project and their plug-ins aren't working.

    [Edit] Hah, I just opened Waves Central to check and saw this error message:

    "The latest version of Waves productions can only be installed on Mac OS 10.10 and higher. You are using Mac OS 0.0"

    Fills me with confidence, thanks.
  10. :(

    I just upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 over the weekend so once I install Waves central I'll find out if they have any fun surprises for me as well.

    I will say that up to this point I have had no issues whatsoever and I've been buying Waves stuff over the last 5 years. It is concerning when you receive emails reminding you that the upgrade plan for plugin x is expiring / expired but everything has worked ok in it's current version so far without need to update.
  11. They did a mass update of the system to version 10 last year, and put up a notice that said only that there were new updates. Everybody dumb enough to click on it (like yours truly) instantly discovered that their version 9 plugins stopped working. Chaos followed. The system you describe is how it's supposed to work: you get the option of either paying in advance for whatever changes they'll make to your current plugin, or just continuing using it in its current form. At the moment, it appears we've finally gotten back to that. It was rocky for a while, there, though.
  12. I know this is an old thread but looking for some help. I'm getting that same error message and I can't figure out any way around. Did you get past that error message? Or has your overall experience with waves just put you off their plug ins entirely, if so what alternatives do you use?
  13. Burner account here because I also found this thread while desperately searching the problem. This was the most annoying process I've ever had with a plugin vendor, but I've figured out the solution for that "You are using Mac OS 0.0" problem.

    Basically, you need to
    1) Download and install Waves Central, latest version (11, as of this post).
    2) Download and don't install Waves Central 9.
    3) Open Waves Central and at the bottom, there is a V9: bar. Click "More..."
    4) click "Offline Installers".
    5) Select the directory that contains that Waves Central 9 installer you didn't use. For me, it was called "Waves - 24.5.18"
    6) NOW that damn annoying Waves Central app will properly list all available plugins to install.

    Damn it. The worst.

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