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Waves warning, they delete your old plug-ins

Discussion in 'Current Gear' started by Jeff Laity, May 7, 2018.

  1. I knew about Waves WUP, an annual plan to keep up to date. But what I didn't realize is that they delete and ransom your old plug-ins when you buy a new one. I have a few Waves plug-ins that I used from time to time. I saw they had a sale on the SSL plug-ins, two for $50, sure why not.

    When I installed them, it uninstalled all of my other Waves plug-ins. Because it updated Waveshell to version whatever, my plug-ins aren't compatible with that waveshell, so they all went bye bye. Now I need to pay $120 if I want to see my old plug-ins again. I actually think they have the sale to trap you like this, so you have to re-purchase all of your old plug-ins again. And there's no way to go back to the old version from what I can tell.

    What a scummy company. Run far away from Waves.
  2. Did you send an email to their support? That's a dick move, but might not be intentional. Unless they updated the EULA and the old one doesn't mention anything like this, you should have access to them or they're the ones breaking it.
  3. I can't see how this can be legal?
  4. I contacted support and they didn't reply. I think this is part of WUP. The Waveshell was updated (probably to add new products) and I didn't have a current support contract for the new Waveshell. I'm fine to live without using Waves in the future but I have old projects that use them. If I restore them I'll have to recreate the mix because I'm sure as hell not sending them another dime.

    Just proves that you don't actually own software. I'm buying an old QX1 sequencer and an ADAT.
  5. Do the old plugins show up in Waves Central? I had one fluke where they got moved to the cloud.

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