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Voicing a simple idea...

Discussion in 'Tips, Tricks & Talk' started by Sylvain Provenzano, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. After having found my melody and harmony on the piano, I still struggle to find the good voicing for it. The truth is that I don't fully know what I'm doing, and at some point, I'm unable to distinguish what is good from what is not.

    So, there is this little thing that I wrote : crap_theme.png

    and after a lot of more or less exotic attempts, I was wondering if the simplest could be the best : harm_test2.png

    Am I right ? Did I made some mistakes ? How would you have done it ?

    Bonus question : When it's time to orchestrate, do you simply apply your voicing to the orchestra ?
  2. I think there's no right or wrong and it's very much up to taste and what you are trying to achieve for a specific context. What you ended up doing is mostly power chords in the left hand, which is simple and it works nicely.

    What I usually like to do is start with smaller motions and gradually open up. For example in the first 4 bars I would do something along this lines:


    Again it's up to taste but in my opinion the 3rd chord should be Fm9. It's the same chord really but you can use the 3rd in the bass to create a half step motion moving to G.

    From bar 9 without changing things too much I would start using the lower octave on the bass and add a bit more bite in the harmony here and there:


    on bar 14 I moved the bass to C to give some sense of resolution after a 2 5 cadence. I would also do something similar on bar 16 by adding A to Fsus.

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  4. I want to orchestrate the last theme I posted but I don't know where to start. In my head it sound chivalrous and adventurous so I hear brass.

    According to the range, I'd say trumpets for the melody, maybe horns for the lower part. Since my voicing only figure three notes at start how should I proceed ? Doubling these notes between differents sections ? Thickening the things with more harmony or octaves (but in this case what is my voicing for) ? Keeping the voicing for the most proeminent section ? I need to know...

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