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Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Mike Verta, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. There have been 3 Unleashed episodes so far - more coming!

  2. I'm getting "This video is unavailable" on the two first, might be a regional thing?
  3. Ditto. Am in Sydney.
  4. Same here, I'm in LA.
  5. Same for me in the UK.
  6. Just to be annoying: Same in Switzerland
  7. The problem seems to be they're in private mode.
  8. Thanks, that works.
  9. I'm not sure if Mike talked about it in the latest Unleashed (as far as I followed), and I couldn't find it by scanning the last bit, but anyway:
    I had asked Mike if he had any advice for balancing transcription vs writing and how to balance one's time. He mentioned he had some advice but had to answer some previous questions first and I'm not sure if he got to it. Does anyone recall if he did get to it, and if not, @Mike Verta , any advice?
  10. I didn't get to watch all of unleashed 4 yet, but I dropped in and out during the live stream. Someone asked about flash cards for instrument transpositions. If anyone ever wants to use flash cards for transpositions, alto cleff, music terms, etc... there is a free app called quizlet that you can use to either make your own, or search for a set made by some one else.

    You can find flash cards for most things on there - but I'd recommend only using sets made by teachers. Although, when someone joins it asks if you are a student or a teacher and there is no verification needed - so I'd still double check to make sure the cards are accurate.

    There's also a website - https://quizlet.com/
  11. The problem is that these videos are very looooong and go on repetitive tangents. No offense or disrespect meant. I'm just observing. There are jewels here and there, wisdom. Coulda cut the time down by about 2/3 imo.
  12. I think that's pretty close to what my tombstone will say.
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  13. Ha! Still, what's good in those videos is super useful. I'm glad I watched, picked up some things. If you streamlined/edited a bit more you would have a very powerful set of messages imo.

    But I don't know anything anyway.
  14. I've got 30+ Masterclasses for that...
  15. I'll be checking those out! Would you say you're essentially a "Ramblin' Man"? :D

    I'm joking in a non-mean-spirited way.
  16. No, the masterclasses are densely packed, but they almost always have a rant somewhere in them, which - at least according to the poll here - is one of people's favorite things. But no, they're not like the Unleashed shows which are just review shows.
  17. You seem like an insightful person.
  18. We try... we try...
  19. Can we expect 5 in December? ;)

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