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Unleashed VI

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Matthias Calis, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. It's that tine of the year again... I think?

    Anyway, instead of continuing in last year's Unleashed V thread, I figured Unleashed VI could use its own thread.

    @Mike Verta
    A couple suggestions from the community were submitted last year, these are:

    1. Enumerate the tracks along with their titles. This will help with timestamping each track and answering the always returning questions of "how far along are we?"
    2. "Epic" pieces veto. This was already addressed by Mike in last year's thread but I figured there might be another solution here. I'm certain there are plenty people here who have their Paleothetic grades from last year and would like to go a step further. So perhaps a way to handle this would be to have a different (separate) unleashed where there is a higher barrier to entry: like having a piano sketch and a notated score along with the full piecs. This will intentionally attract a different kind of audience while leaving the regular Unleashed free and open. I think it would be fair to put a couple of bucks down for a version of Unleashed like this to compensate Mike for his time. Call it "Cave Men Unleashed Plus" or something.
    3. In general asking people to submit a piano sketch along with their full piece as a way of filtering some of the content.

    If there are more suggestions or I missed some from last time, put them in the comments below :)

    Thanks to @Martin Hoffman for bumping last year's thread thereby reminding me to put this up (I'd been meaning to for a while). By the way Martin, I couldn't find that post from Mike on VIC. Could you provide a link? 3
  2. https://vi-control.net/community/threads/mike-vertas-break-it-down-advice.86682/#post-4465147

    I'd be careful with stuff where it's hard to draw a line. Also people that still submit stuff like that probably need to hear Mike's advice the most. I'd suggest to try kindly asking for "no troll submissions this time" and "only one submission per person", and see if that's enough to get the workload down to sane levels again.

    I'm not opposed to submission fees or raised barrier to entry in general, although that seems counter to what Mike wants these events to be and I trust him to make the right calls to manage this.
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  3. Re: epic pieces. I know. I just went back through the old thread and gathered all the suggestions that were posted there. Mike already replied (sort of) to that suggestion so I am not counting on him putting some kind of ban on epic pieces in place at all.

    Based on instinct I would guess Mike would be opposed to a paid version of Unleashed because it probably goes against his whole point of why he started Unleashed in the first place. Still I wanted to make that suggestion because I believe the "demand" (for lack of a better word) for people who're no longer dealing with basic issues is there, and in the current format they're somewhat at risk of getting drowned out by pieces of the epic variety.

    Of course it's entirely his call.
  4. As a beginner, I'd be worried that my clumsy attempts might be mistaken as "epic". :) But at the end of the day, Mike is donating his time to do this, so I couldn't complain too much about being filtered out.
  5. I don't think he will filter anyone out or wants to filter anyone out. Just to be clear: I wouldn't want that either! The underlying question is simply that over the past few Unleashed episodes, the same set of issues keep coming up. One way to handle that is to simply keep going in the current format and deal with it, another way is to have different kinds of Unleashed for different sets of audiences. Since the latter would take up more of Mike's time however I don't think he'll do both for free (I wouldn't expect him to), hence the suggestion.

    Another option of course is to organize some kind of redbanned review hangout with whoever is interested and review each other's pieces. I'm no Mike Verta but I'm sure that the collective hive mind of this place can give useful feedback to each other in some kind of live(stream) setting. Could be a nice, semi regular thing to do.
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  6. My suggestion would be to just let people send in one piece. Think last year it was some people got 2-3-4 pieces on, while some dident get one. Think that might cut some time.
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  7. Yes I'll be limiting it to one piece this year, and I've deliberately not numbered pieces in the past precisely so people don't cherry pick for their own piece when it's the totality of common mistakes that's most useful. It's really good to watch what other people struggle with. What I wish is that it could be done after the fact, for easy navigation. Since there isn't, I may have to break down and number them... not sure. The hybrid will probably be to bring up the names of pieces on screen during the duration they're being analyzed. This will just require me to make the submission cutoff a bit sooner.
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  8. I agree, I learned a ton from other people's common mistakes. How about you number them when you put the names on screen but don't publish the list in advance? That way no one knows when their piece will come on during the live event and for the archived youtube video it makes it a tiny bit easier to make the list of pieces to more easily rewatch your comments on a specific one. For people joining in later during the live stream, it could also be interesting to see how many pieces have been discussed yet, I think that was a common question in the chat as well.
  9. Timestamps in the YouTube description. Someone helpful could make the list as the show goes out live.
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  10. Unleashed VI will be Friday, December 13th. Announcement video will go out tonight.
  11. I better get writing!
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  12. I'm moving it to the 27th to give people a touch more time to prepare.
  13. I am new to the UNLEASHED concept. I am slowly making my way through Unleashed V and I am enjoying it so far. I recognise a lot of the ideas from the Masterclasses, and it’s nice to see them put to use. How does one go about submitting a piece of music? Should it not be too long, so as to not take up too much of Mike’s time?
  14. He'll give the instructions in the announcement video. Ideally the track should be 1-3 minutes or so.
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  15. @Mike Verta

    Hey Mike - when and where for the track upload?

    And BTW - your site music doesn't play; not sure if you are aware.

  16. I am going to open that box on Christmas Day,

    Eh, what time? :)
  17. Midnight, Dec. 25. 12/25/19 0000 hours.
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  18. Hey Mike! Pacific Time? Just wondering if I need to stay up till 3 AM before submitting.

    Thanks and looking forward to it!

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