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Unleashed V?

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Matthias Calis, Dec 22, 2018.

  1. Just wondering if there'll be another Mike Verta Unleashed this year. I've been watching since EP 2 and while I didn't manage to sneak in piece last year, I hope to participate again this year.

    I'm also interested in placing bets on how long this one will run for. 16 hours? 24 hours? The entire holiday? Who knows!

    Perhaps most importantly, @Mike Verta were you planning on doing another Unleashed this year?
  2. I think he mentioned wanting to do it before the new year.
  3. Yeah, he said between Christmas and before new year, so any day now, hopefully :)
  4. I'm really confused guys! Apparently Unleashed 5 is happening before 2019, but I haven't seen any indications of when, or how to submit. Do let me know, as I've got a new piece ready and waiting!
  5. There has been no announcement yet only a suggestion.
  6. Ok Cheers
  7. Hi guys - just been so slammed with the holidays there hasn't been time. There will be a series of announcements coming soon - Unleashed V will now be on Saturday, Jan. 12th, along with a New Year's sale. There will also be an announcement for Composition 3 - Advanced Techniques and Live Symphonic Woods in the summer.
  8. Figured as much by now. No worries! I'm plenty happy to hear that there will be an Unleashed V at all and even more excited to hear you're planning on live Woodwinds and Composition 3. That's a lot of stuff to look forward to!
  9. Actually it's a good idea to do this after new year's, we're all so slammed. Happy Holidays everyone! Looking forward to the marathon with you all :)
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  10. Hey Mike! You mean Woods as a follow up to your Brass Masterclass last year? If so, I can't wait! My Woods writing sucks balls.
  11. Aaand it's open! I sent in my two tracks, Toys and Tin Soldiers and Storybook Ending. See you on the 12th everyone!

  12. With some trepidation and a sense of 'I could handle Mike's critique' I have sent a piece, because Mike is fair and helpful. Remembering Unleashed 4 - brilliant, hilarious, a fillip and a bit exhausting! How many hours long was it?!!! Such dedication to helping others.

    I'm looking forward immensely to Unleashed V! As I'm in the UK the session starts at 7pm which is a great time for me - I'm a later riser.

    Thanks Mike (even if you don't get to my piece).
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  13. Mike, are you accepting submissions until next Saturday or is there a cutoff?
  14. Yes right up until showtime.
  15. If last years were anything to go by, you'll be completely swamped by next week. Might want to bring a sleeping bag and some serious booze.
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  16. (non-serious post warning)

    I have an Unleashed V drinking game for y'all (I personally don't drink, but you go ahead). Take a shot every time Mike says:

    - orchestration and composition are inextricably linked
    - you don't need good musical skills to get a gig and buy an Audi R8
    - John Williams was 44 when he wrote Star Wars
    - that's still vertical development, not horizontal (bonus shot for comparing with speech using the same words being spoken in different volumes)
    - music education is backwards (bonus shot for xxx references)
    - go back, go back, make it simple
    - your samples are letting you down

    Add your own :D
  17. Whoa. I think you want to have all the competition dead from alcohol poisoning.
  18. Already with only "don't abandon your idea so quickly" and "repeat your idea a second time" we would all be on the floor after half an hour :D
  19. It's funny 'cause it's true. The vast majority of composers today struggle with the most elementary basics. But this is why whenever we talk about great composers, they're from decades or centuries past. We're trying to fix that. :)
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