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Discussion in 'Film School 101' started by Lauri Koivisto, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Mikes most underrated class. Would've expected more info on visual language and psychology of the cinematography but maybe those are on Film School 102 ;)
  2. It's an enormous landscape to cover!
  3. I know but you did great job on action scenes!
  4. I noticed his cool backdrop has gone...no more R2D2 or posters? Whats going on? Was it a distraction?
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  5. I just do the classes from different rooms or orientations depending on my mood or for other random reasons.
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  6. Mike do you use seperate rigs/rooms for music and vfx work?
  7. Yes, I have one room for VFX and post-work (color grading, editing, etc.) which is set-up like a grading suite, with neutral walls and proper lighting, plus reference monitors and no windows, and then I have a music room which is set up for 5.1 mixing/monitoring, writing music, etc. Sometimes I do shows from one of those rooms, but often from a larger space in the house with a piano and tall ceilings, and just a generally more open, home-y vibe.

  8. Makes complete sense. Thanks Mike!
  9. I totally agree. This was a great masterclass. I'm looking forward for him to go into other territories that we've never thought of in Film School 102.
  10. Loved this masterclass!

    I´ll attach the charts reffered in the begining, if anyone find them useful! :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. Nice one Eduardo! I was going to look them up. Gracias.

    Here´s a list of movies that Mike has discussed or mentioned at some point during the class:

    The Shining
    Super man (John Williams queue when Superman is on the cornfield)
    Rider's of the lost arc, Indiana Jones. (Check the oner shot, at Indi's house, he brings his friend home)
    The good the bad and the ugly
    12 angry men
    Jaws (1975)
    The Game (Nicholas Van...) less emotional, more about dynamics
    Waiting for Guffman (scene at the Chinese restaurant).
    My left foot (drama from second 1).

  12. What did Mike say about Seven? Just saw it and I noticed a handful of things:
    -It felt more like a horror movie than an investigative one. Man alive was this a dark film, despite not buying into the gore tropes of modern film. Everything from the familiar-but-unplaced slum of a city to the incessant rain to the somewhat nihilistic ending
    -Part of what did this so effectively was perspective -- it's always through the perspective of the officers and never anyone else. The ending too, of course
    -Was definitely more of a textural score but it was at least consistent and recognizable which is more than I can say for most modern suspense/horror
    -Overall it felt somewhat unconventional, in terms of story arc and ending, but it wasn't frustrating. Perhaps it was the subversion of typical endings that made it feel this way?

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