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Transcribe, transcribe, transcribe.

Discussion in 'Tips, Tricks & Talk' started by Mike Verta, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. You will do this. You will do this every day. You will do this so much your wife and dog will leave you, but you won't care, because then you will transcribe some blues.

  2. Indeed. Well worth the time put into it. Also like learning an instrument the more "flow" you get the more enjoyable in my experience.

    Still need to revisit this some day when I get free time. Do you mind me posting ? I know there are errors, but a fun three days working on this.

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  3. Post away!
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  4. Thanks ! I will. I was asking if it was ok for me to post the transcription of your piece. I put the pdf score of the transcription I did of your Batman ride in that post. Should be there as an attachment.
    Take it down if you wish. No worries.
  5. No it's fine, I'll get the real one online as soon as I can get to the back of my storage facility.
  6. I was stuck in a hotel in North London last night on my Jack Jones, so I decided to test out my Apple pencil with Notion on the iPad. It's a bit clumsy but I suppose with practise I'll become a bit quicker with it - nowhere near as fast as a pencil.

    Anyway I transcribed the piano intro to the Rocketeer Main Title. In the likely event that I don't get picked up by a bored millionairess with no husband in the bar tonight, I'll get onto the main orchestra part that moves to D next.

    For the life of me I simply could not determine the exact chord used on the long sustains after each string phrase after the piano intro - but my earbud headphones are not exactly great with bass. Any ideas - there's a couple of tones in there I can't make out what instruments are there.

    Is there a score available for this any where does anyone know ?

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  7. MIke, I remember you had a preference for writing out your transcriptions with pencil/paper over digital input. Where do you or others get your manuscript from? I had a look online and didn't see much. Are people making their own?
  8. As far as I know (I think he mentioned it in Orchestration I) - Mike has made his custom manuscript paper and let it print.

    You can get normal manuscript paper at almost every corner music shop - or print it yourself. There is also the possibility of making you own template, and go to the next copyshop (or like Mike did, having it print in a nice form with some nice extras)
  9. Thanks Matthias - yes I remember that now. I can't get over-sized manuscript here so I'll have to print a PDF, perhaps somebody has a template they could share...
  10. Sure Jeremy, I can send you mine as pdf but if you have Sibelius/Dorico/Finale or Musescore (which is free) I'd recommend making your own (more to your liking / needs).
    It's very easy to do and a good idea to start learning those programs anyway.
    If you're not sure about score order and stuff pm me, or make a topic!

    You'll also need access to a printer that handles larger paper sizes. Because of the amount of staves needed A4 will be much to small to read/write.
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  11. Much appreciate the offer T.J. I use musescore so I'll organise a template there and check back with any problems. Thanks again.
  12. Here is a score template I use for my "The Race" transcription. Not pretty but does its job.

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  13. Brilliant, thanks Michael
  14. I'm curious about the analog vs digital approach to transcribing.
    I've been wanting an iPad pro or MS Surface to allow for pen input for transcription, I picture having the audio feedback will speed up the transcription in the beginning (as I won't always have access to a physical keyboard when transcribing).
    I also imagine it being beneficial for the ease of adding new staves / instruments as the transcript moves along, or do you guys always transcribe to piano reduction?
  15. Kjell, I find that both can work fine. Sometimes, I load up Sibelius, and actually "play" the notes into the correct staves. I use 2 staves for string reduction, there's a brass reduction one (I think), and then I do winds as needed. THat helps me check colors, etc. and that's useful.

    But, I also try to transcribe like I sketch, and that means, score reduce. I know Mike disagrees with this, but it works for me. :) So, I'll also have a 4-stave reduction staff printed out, and I'll transcribe to that, to make myself sketch notate out the parts, the lines, etc.

    Here's an example of a transcription I did of To Kill a Mockingbird, a LONG time ago. You can see I did it in 4 staves, and notated each line as the instrument(s) that played it. This is how I transcribe to paper (I did a PDF because I was doing an analysis of this for a music class).


    I hope this helps!

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  16. Do many of you still Transcribe daily when you are working on a project for 10-14 hours a day?
  17. I sure don't. I simply can't afford the cocaine, plus I need time to hit the nudie bar.
  18. The thing about working is you're working, not studying new stuff. Working is good for honing your existing weapons, but not generally for inventing new ones. It's why downtime is so precious!
  19. Yes I always try to use my down time for school and learning new things and honing in on new skills and brushing up on current skills and I did learn when people have asked me to do soundalikes and I have to mock up existing pieces! ( a form of transcribing?) I went to music school for a year and used to write everything down but at the time could not get into the school thing and the theory thing! I now have probably taken an equivalent of a Berkley education online, between your classes MIKE, and others and are more interested in learning NOW than when I was in my 20's..Go figure!!!
  20. Question re: transcribing.

    Digital or analogue, if one's notation is slow/weak? Digital is helpful to get audible feedback, and makes certain aspects less tedious, but I wonder if it's not as useful in the long run.

    Also, is it important to notate most or all aspects of a piece, or mostly a "piano-playable" version? I.e. basic melodic and harmonic voices.

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