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Training at Taran Tactical

Discussion in 'GUNS, GUNS, GUNS!' started by Mike Verta, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. So honored to train with the legendary Taran Butler and his team. Learned a ton, and did my first-ever MPX run. It sucked, but it didn't.

  2. Such an awesome opportunity. We're so short on good civilian-access training in Canada.

    It's amazing how well one can do with a relatively short amount of instruction. Your first run is miles better than many do who have been shooting a long time. A lot of it just comes down to comfort with the firearm and getting used to doing the "not shooting related" stuff aggressively and quickly and figuring out small nuances like "seeing faster", as I'm sure you're at with pistol already.

    Eventually you get to this -- or not, because she's a Miculek, but it's a cool illustration of how usable this platform is for any size human.

  3. Oh yes, I am well aware of how many legendary runs have been done at Taran's place. The bar is stratospheric. But it's an insanely fun challenge and I'm enjoying every moment of the journey.

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