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Theminator 2

Discussion in 'Info, Requests, etc.' started by Gareth Thomas, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. I’m not sure if this has already been covered in other videos but I would like to see how you can develop all the themes needed for a film or tv show from an initial idea.

    So from your main theme you develop the antagonist theme, the hero theme, the action theme, the love interest theme, the journey theme etc etc.

    To be honest, I’m not sure if that’s how you even go about creating all the different themes for a film, but it seems like a cool idea for a video anyway.

    If it has already been covered, please direct me to the masterclass.
  2. You could check out mikes putting all together masterclass where he uses his track "The Race" as an example how he creates themes, developes them and glues them together. Its helpful if you don´t know where to start. He has a couple of other mc where he talks about those things too of course. But I think this one is useful as it uses "reallife" material and therefore it shows it in a practical way.

    Not sure though are you referring to create themes and styles according to Terminator 2? Then it would probably be useful to check out also some of the production notes for that movie and what Synths Brad Fiedel used (Fairlight etc). Alex Ball did some while ago some nice YT videos about the Sound enviroment of the Terminator movie. Maybe also worth to check out.
  3. No, I meant Theminator 2 as in the sequel to his masterclass Theminator ;).
  4. Oh shit and I read Terminator..lol, sorry man..my last weeks were packed with work. Allright.
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  5. I guess what I was asking was for a masterclass in creating a “suite”.
  6. At least some of what you are asking for is covered in the masterclass "Mod Squad". It's about taking a single theme and modulating it to serve the dramatic arc. It's a great class and I expect you will find it to be useful.

    I'm not sure what you mean by creating the antagonist and hero them from a main theme. That sounds like you could be asking for two different themes versus two variations on a single theme. But perhaps I'm misunderstanding your request.

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