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The VI-Control "Situation"

Discussion in 'UNIT M3' started by Mike Verta, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Sorta the last thing the world needed was this place; another forum. But I had been thinking of creating a central hub for Masterclass stuff, and where the vibe could be a little more up my alley, frankly. The recent goings-on at VI-C made me realize I was a touch too dependent on that forum for comfort. I'm glad it's changed hands; concerned about conflict of interest, and I don't believe things can "go back..." Life is about going forward. But I'll continue to enjoy VI for as long as it feels right.

    Still... we gonna have fun here. 'Cause that's what the Red Band means. But you know that. So grab a drink and enjoy.
  2. Speaking of which, Blanton's has been rather difficult to source where I am in Ontario. I've been keeping an eye out for it since you mentioned it late last year. Finally, the (government controlled) liquor store in stumbling distance from my home (a significantly useful and frequently exploited feature) got a shipment of Blanton's. 11 bottles in stock Friday morning. I made my way there after work and all 11 bottles had evaporated.

    (I'm now on a waiting list.)
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  3. re Blantons, have known about it for a while but only recently been able to source it. Now I have a relatively stable supply. Best whisky sour ever. Have turned rest of my family to it as well (not the kids obviously). Cheers!
  4. Yeah, it's seriously solid.
  5. Must admit I'm on a gin kick. Love me a cold Fitzgerald! http://www.drinksmixer.com/drink7332.html

    Still confused by the whole Vi-control situation, and I'm glad you made this alternative Mike! A forum is only as good as its members and I hope they flock to this place!
  6. I've been away from all the forums for a while. Can someone write a quick TL;DR on the VI Control situation?
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    Frederick the owner asked for donation money under false pretenses - saying the site was financially insolvent and might have to close if people didn't fork over more money. This, of course, got people asking questions about forum overhead because even quick napkin math using the lowest ad rates was putting the site at something like $7k/month in revenue, and the whole thing went downhill from there. He wouldn't answer direct questions, or respond at all, and then more stuff happened and then more stuff and more stuff and there were lines drawn and proclamations made and then Mike Greene came in a bought the site so now everybody's happy, because surely he did it out of the goodness of his own heart and his being a developer surely won't have any conflict of interest in it at all and all the other developers are just thrilled about it. Anyway it was a dumpster fire and I basically took it as a Batsignal to maybe put together that site I'd thought about from time to time. And here we are. And I don't do drama.
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    Hej Mike,

    I am happy to have a new place here. I hope but I am pretty sure that we all will have a great time to learn from each other here.

    Regarding Vi Control: If Fred never had posted this one post about the fundraisers, he would have still VI Control under his hands, and probably get another few dollars with yet one more fundraiser. I don´t want to judge Fred as a person, so I keep my conclusions for myself but he pokered to high which in the end did cost him the forum and a lot of reputation Recently the cencorship there seems to reach a new douchy level. The time was damn good and right to start here and it feels fresh to be here. So..let the Whisky flow :D PS: I get some beers.
  9. I think you're absolutely right that if not for that extra move everything would be as it was. Except it obviously would have come to this sooner or later because that's what was underneath it. You know what I mean? In any case I've been watching who's been signing up to this forum and to a one, everybody is really cool and we are definitely getting off to a good start so I'm thrilled you guys are here and we'll make the most of it!
  10. Kind of sad about it....I've only recently joined up over there; learned a lot, and to see it all flame up like that was weird as shit.
  11. Wow, the conflict of interest part didn't occur to me. Hopefully the situation isn't that cynical over there, but we'll see. On the bright side guys, Mike said we're cool!


    I'll pour a drink to that :cool:! ​
  12. As person that's worked with Mike for a few years I can honestly say why he's doing this- partcially because he likes the forum and doesn't want to see it go the way of Northern Sounds and partically because he believes it's been mucked up business-wise and if run right, can make a pretty penny with no other changes than cutting the fat, organizing the business affairs, and staying out of the way. He does have a good heart, and doesn't care if it doesn't becomes a big cash cow (witness Realitone) but he wants to keep the community together before everyone jumps ship. He's made enough money in other areas of his life, and does not need any of these busineses to do well to survive.

    Now I understand your trepidation, and turely only time will tell, but I know Mike and he won't want to change a thing, other than getting rid of fundraisers and anything else that's causing members issues (this year s why he's willing to issue refunds for the last fundraiser out of his own pocket).. I would also bet you will see a lot less banning, as he believes in letting people have their say and not getting too caught up in power struggles. I think during the next 5 years the only complaints will be "How come this place never changes?" And " Does anyone really run this place?". He knows the value of staying invisible on a forum that basically runs itself, unless he's really needed. And if he can get talented people like Andre back on board (Evil Dragon has already started posting again) he should be successful at keeping hands off- which is really why everyone is so happy about the change, including other developers.

    As I said, time will play it out. But unless he gets hit on the head and changes personalities, you won't have any issues with a Mike. He knows how to keep businesses separate and the mistake of trying to favor his own company over other developers. I believe VIC will be an independent entity, run as hands-off as possible, and in 10 years will look almost identical to how it is today- because it's profitable, and who wants to mess with that??
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  13. Yeah I'm glad this forum is up and I hope the haters do not follow, I just want to have fun, get informed, exchange ideas and expand the community!
  14. Yep, only wish the best for everyone involved. If they play their cards right, it'll just be growing pains, perhaps.
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  15. Have no fear :)
  16. I'm just getting caught up here (busy week) - but I laughed at the thought of Mike Greene's conflicts of interest back at VI-C. Not because he won't have any, because, well - duh. But because - of all the developers who COULD be running the place, I'd take Mike in a heartbeat. He wants to make money off of the things he runs, but he isn't mercenary, generally seems to have a solid moral compass, blah blah.

    That isn't the really funny bit, though: I laughed because I thought of what it would be like if some other developers bought the joint. Say...Spitfire?!? Just imagine for a moment a Spitfire VI-C. It's not a crime to go over-the-top with the marketing, but...that would be something, eh?
  17. I learned a ton at VI-C, but recently it has become annoying having to sift through the hundreds of "This Library vs. That Library" and "What's the best library for _____" posts to find something worth reading. I like the vibe of this place already. No BS, no drama, let's talk about the music.
  18. :D As essential as detailed reviews and feedback are (a lot of oblique info gets passed that way) so far here it's been more like: "Why care so much about what library you use? It's not going to make you better as a composer. Care about the 'music' and connecting with your audience through it."

    This vertically horizonates with me!
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  19. The music is always more important but that is never going to stop me talking about music technology. Music tech is essential in the modern day world especially if you are more than just a Hobbyist because if you don't keep up, your competition will crush you. The x vs y conversations on Libraries are exhausting, I definitely agree with this, but if a new library gets released and looks like it has a place in the toolbox then I welcome conversations. It's these very conversations that help all of us to not waste out money on useless stuff. Anyway, I love the fact most people are interested in learning about music and getting better at the craft of writing.

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