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The Art of Engraving

Discussion in 'Notation' started by Mike Verta, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. When a process takes time, it inspires careful thought and consideration. When it takes effort, it inspires discipline and focus. When it is completed it inspires self-respect and pride.
  2. That was absolutely fascinating. A wonderful example of form following function.
  3. Wakarimasu Sensei. Arigatou.
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    That moment when you stamp your last note head on the wrong staff line and realize there's no undo button.

    I liked his response to the question of how to fix errors: I don't make mistakes.
  5. This is wonderful to see and inspiring. The craft and the art are inseparable. I remember reading Ted Ross's book on principles of engraving done in this same way which used to be universal and is now forgotten except in often crude approximations. It was how music was done, and passed down in print shops as a slowly learned craft. The rules for beaming for example - sit, straddle, hang. And how to do spacing based not just on rhythmic values but on aesthetic visual adjustments of the finest kind. This is one of the purest examples of this fabulous craft and skill.
  6. It is so finely done here, and so controlled that it is an art in itself. These things should not be lost!

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