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Studio Chair Recommendations

Discussion in 'Current Gear' started by Samuel Diaz, Aug 19, 2023.

  1. Hey all, I’m looking to buy a new office chair and I’m in between the Hermann Miller Aeron and the Embody but I would like to know if anyone here can recommend a chair that will not only last me a long time but also be very comfortable in the long run. I’ve been experiencing more back pain with my current chair from Staples and really feel the need to upgrade. Thanks!
  2. Aeron. Hands down. I've been sitting in them upwards of 18 hours a day for decades. I had my entire post production facility outfitted with them, every major visual effects studio uses them almost exclusively. I have never once ever been fatigued by the chair.
  3. What Mike said. I've had an Aeron in my home office for several years, and it's by far the most comfortable chair I've ever had. Note that by 'comfortable' i mean 'never leaves me feeling stiff, or needing to stand'.

    I'd strongly suggest finding some business or seller close to you who sells refurbished ones, rather than buying new, because they're built for the long term, and are designed to be maintained.

    I got mine second-hand from an eBay seller a few miles away from me who specialises in refurbishing Aerons, and who also sells all the spare parts.
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  4. I second Aeron. I have serious chronic back issues, and it's the only chair I've ever had that's never given me any problems. Really a life saver.
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    Thank you everyone for the suggestions, this has been extremely helpful! I’m about to pull the trigger on a refurbished Aeron from Madison seating online.

    Do you all recommend the Posture Fit version? I noticed the lumbar support seems to be different.

    There also seems to be a remastered version as well.
  6. I have three of them in the house right now - two of which have the posture fit and one of which has the standard, and to be honest I can't say there's a huge difference for me personally. And I can have absolutely crippling back shit if it goes south with a chair.
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  7. Thank you so much @Mike Verta, that’s great to know. Seems I can’t go wrong either way, but I’ll go with the posture fit just incase. Thanks everyone for your input!
  8. That's amazing. I don't think I've ever not had issues in any chair sitting longer than 2-3h at a time

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