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Spitfire's Tundra for 50% off

Discussion in 'Software' started by Rohann van Rensburg, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. #1 Rohann van Rensburg, Mar 22, 2018
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2018
    Anyone that owns this think it's worth it? I'm becoming more swayed to Mike's philosophy of having a relatively realistic, balanced orchestral template, but I really do love the incredibly unique tonality this can pull off, and I do love musical textural composition. It's likely the cheapest it will ever be, which is really the only reason I'm considering it, but I'm curious to know if it's a "one trick" kind of instrument or if it's useful for layering with other strings.
  2. My anti-consumerist mantra:

    Is this [xxxx] what seperates me from greatness?

    Usually saves me from Black Friday sales and such. I still buy stuff, but it’s need-based.
  3. There is that, but isn't there also artistic expression, inspiration, exploration? If this library offers something unique and usable then it could be a useful tool.
  4. Yeah, if it floats your boat then grab it. But I’ve learned that it’s cheaper to buy one library at full pop than three on sale that I never use.
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  5. I don´t have Tundra, and I don´t know it actually, so I can´t comment on the quality of that library. The SFA guys are cool, they certainly produce great stuff. But ask yourself: Do you really need that to write better music? I just leave you with that question alone for a while. If you want that thing anyways, get it. I am not holding you back.
  6. I have it, it's a gorgeous library, great for atmospheres and layering. The EDNA synths are excellent. It is nitch though and if your looking for different string sections (Violin, Viola, Cello, etc) it does not have them.

    When Mike is talking about realism in his template he's more addressing the balance of each instrument relative to each other, with a wide dynamic range that would simulate what a real orchestra would do rather then the quality of the samples themselves.
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  7. Great points all. That's generally a criterion I demand of myself -- do I need it currently?

    Tundra is one of the few libraries that has stayed in my wishlist, because the particular recording results in dynamics you can't find in other libraries. It's not just an effects library, it covers a range not covered by the vast majority of other libraries. I've tried replicating it with other libraries and it doesn't come close.

    It's not really a "core" library, sure, but it's incredibly unique and appears to be rather useful.

    That said, I did make a commitment not to buy more libraries until I get some pieces out with the ones I currently have, so as much as it pains me to skip out on a deal like this (I'll pick it up in the future, certainly), I need to save that cash for more skill-producing opportunities.

    Re: Template balancing class. I'm completely with Mike that production won't save a bad piece, but hands down all of my favourite music spanning any genre, aside from being fantastically written pieces at a base level, all intentionally incorporate elements of atmospheric production and sound design, so texture is something I'll probably never rid myself of. I take Mike's classes to become a more competent barebones writer, though, which is really the difficult skill to develop.
  8. I did the stupid thing and bought it, because it's one of the few Spitfire libraries I don't have but I always felt like it would be fun to have...

    The thing is, it would be fun to play with in certain scenarios, but it's never been worth $500 to have fun with... $200 on the other hand, that's a whole different story

    same with uist or the swarms
  9. #9 Rohann van Rensburg, Mar 25, 2018
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2018
    Yeah I like that I have Uist, but was it worth $450US? The problem is I get the impression Spitfire hasn't really done much to it since release, nor do they really care that much about it. They don't seem to ever mention, promote, include it. There are a good amount of GUI errors in the form of the keyboard interface, etc. I've made a rather long list and will see what they think. That said, it's really vast, and you're unlikely to spot characteristic samples upon hearing them, and if you do, there are 10 million others to play with. Most people that have it all talk about not having gone through it all haha.

  10. Ill never own Uist either unless it ends up around 200 smackers
  11. It's one of the few Spitfire libraries I do own because it does something different. This one you will definitely earn back in a gig or 2.
    I haven't really noticed the inconsistencies but there are so many different patches I have to look at the interface to see what's what anyway.

    I really, really, reaaaally wish they released a pdf of the actual 'scores' though... Great to have so many sounds but now what? What if I want that sound, but with actual players?
    Even if it never leaves the virtual domain I'd still like to know ''what'' it is, rather than pressing a button (Mike talks about this in the Horror class).
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  12. Tundra, you're referring to?

    Yeah that would be really nice. I'm not sure if it's a confidentiality thing, so that they can retain their intellectual property, but I'd love if they released scores as well. Would be incredibly helpful for putting it into real-life practice. It comes down to a "best guess", really.
  13. No, UIST / Albion IV

    And a lot of studying, still.. there's so many sounds in there it'd be very helpful to have them all in one place/pdf.
  14. I own UIST now.

    I swear sometimes the crackhead tendencies in my family comes out and I just go ham.

    That said, there is some really cool stuff in there, I love the brass bends. Eventually I'll make a evo + tundra + uist + orchestral swarm template, and just play chords against each other for like 4 hours.
  15. Ah, misread. Yeah there's sooo much in there. I wish Spitfire did a bit more manual-wise, EastWest actually does a pretty good job with that. I'd pay for "scores", though at $450 scores should be included.

    Haha, this is the best. Fascinating library, isn't it? I love that it's not just loud aleatoric stuff, there's plenty of "eerie" in there too.

    Tundra would be really nice for a melodic component in there!
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