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Sharing YouTube Videos

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Paul T McGraw, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. Forgive me, my friends, if this post seems self-serving. So, mea culpa

    In an effort to try to preserve my musical compositions and hopefully having more people enjoy them someday, I have put most of my compositions on Soundcloud. I have also created YouTube slide shows or videos for each composition. I created IMSLP content for each composition with free scores and parts for each composition, and each has a Creative Commons Attribution copyright, which is basically like donating them to Public Domain status.

    So is there anything I am overlooking? Should I get my music up on Spotify? I have no need or desire to make any money from my compositions. I am not even confident that my work is of high enough quality to deserve to be heard and remembered.

    Anyway, I did a video for Tennessee River Portrait using royalty-free nature videos. This was after I went back and improved the midi-performance, which I think sounds pretty good now. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you for listening my friends.


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  2. Hi Paul! It doesn't and there's absolutely no need to apologise about that. If you don't release your music nobody will even know it exists and it would be a great shame. It's always good to be humble but I'm sure many people will enjoy the works you shared regardless of your self doubt. I know I do.
  3. I don't know... I only upload my music to Youtube, but I make sure I post the video to several communities in Reddit.
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  4. Nice job. I like the evocative nature of the piece. I would go ahead and share it on Spotify also because a lot of people, especially younger people, get pretty much all of their music from there. It can't hurt.

    Thanks for sharing the score.
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  5. hey thanks for sharing Paul, the video suites the music really well. I agree that Spotify probably a good idea as well
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  6. Nice work Paul. The video makes for a very effective presentation.
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  7. #7 Marcel Schweder, Jan 12, 2020
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    Oh, never thought of Reddit to post videos there. Interesting! In which groups do you post?
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  8. It depends on the piece. I managed to harvest 1000 views in 12 hours at r/piano, but I think it's no longer possible. Other subreddits are much smaller: r/composer, r/videogamemusic... I think I managed to game r/music one time, they let you post your stuff once a week, but I forgot what I did.
  9. Thanks Albert. I'll definitely take a look at that! ♥
  10. Beautiful piece Paul! I like the peaceful mood a lot. It reminds me of my old home near a river. Nostalgic feelings. ♥
    I have some of my tracks on You Tube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify also but the number of views is ...ahm...well "manageable". ;-)
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  11. "I am not even confident that my work is of high enough quality to deserve to be heard and remembered."
    You've got an audience here, Paul. I'd vote for putting it up wherever you can. You never know where you might find another audience. I certainly enjoy your music and would love to see it on Spotify.

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