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Scoring a scoreless dialogue scene challenge

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Marko Dvojkovic, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Phew, this was a challenge in an facebook group to score this scene that originally doesn't have a score from beginning to end in two weeks. That source music, the harmonica, from the radio was a nuisance to score over although I developed almost all musical ideas from it xD. There is stuff I want to polish for my "real" demo, this is a "I need to wrap it up" version, I was stuck a lot on practicing piano and performance is nowhere near where I want it to be but it's passable I guess, I'm glad that I finished it under deadline.
    When I saw the scene I thought that I won't do the challenge because the scene was really awkward and without music originally for a good reason, but I ended being satisfied with some ideas I came up with, now how are those executed is another thing xD.
    Cheers guys!
  2. hey I really liked the music in the beginning, it fit very well and seemed to add a lot more to the scene. at about 1:00 in when the piano starts doing the arpeggio stuff it starts to get a bit distracting IMO (this is probably quite a challenge to score something that wasn't supposed to have music, its like going against the nature of the idea so I totally get it). I feel like the build up to the girl jumping out of the car could be a great place for more tension in the music. something that makes you more and more uncomfortable as the argument goes on.
    just my first thoughts, good job on getting it done man
  3. Before you try to write a note of this, did you work out where the dramatic beat points were? Where the structure or what the structure was, what the essential dramatic story you were going to try to coax out of the material would be? Underscore follows drama, so the dramatic intent must be clear. That also literally tells you what sort of cord's or modalities you're going to be using.
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  4. Hey thanks Alex for feedback!
    I wonder if this has to do with sloppy performance also, I had to do a lot of punch-ins. I would like to perform it to the picture in kind of way like silent movies, I still practice it along other things that I am doing. And that moment when they start crying was one of the wtf moments for me when I saw the scene for the first time, because I felt that the acting performance was pretty strong emotionally and it's really not important for the scene that the radio drama or whatever they were listening to is apparently sad. But in that moment I like how major tonality worked while they are crying and then when they are smiling minor and a little tense that kind of introduces that there will be argument. The other wtf moment was obviously the jumping out of the car, I was afraid of how will I manage that and I understand your wish for more tension towards it, that makes sense. However when I reached it and stumbled upon that mixolydian tonality I really liked that and it sounded to me like the defiance of the girl towards her mom in that context so that also explained the scene and that moment to me.
    Hey Mike thanks for stopping by! I did analyse the scene and put some markers in my DAW, I also was disciplined in scoring it in the show order, from beginning to end. But yeah I was not sure how will I manage some dramatic points until I laid down and tried some ideas and I "figured out" that defiance thing too late, I didn't plan that ahead. Hah and that scene is literally the opening of the movie so it is not a little awkward because it is pulled from the middle of the movie for example, I am not defending myself by saying that but for my little experience with scoring it was pretty hard, but fun.

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