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Scoring 2 question on continuity of development

Discussion in 'Scoring 1' started by Jure Jerebic, Aug 20, 2023.

  1. Hi Mike,

    I didn't see a subforum for Scoring 2, so I'll ask here. As you've displayed two separate examples of working within aspects of development within a piece from chaotic and back to tonal (Jurassic Park example), I wanted to ask your opinion on a score, specifically how it handles this aspect from your point of view (opinion). Maybe you could have a quick listen to the "Dark Times" cue from the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor soundtrack and let me know what you think, I'm really curious to hear your opinion on this one.

  2. Send me a link to what you want me to hear. However if it's Gordy Haab, he's doing his best and is better than what generally ends up on the thing.
  3. Both Stephen and Gordy are awesome, that's why I wanted your opinion; I haven't listened through the whole album yet (4 hours, apparently they did 8 hours for the thing in total)

  4. I haven't listened yet, but I can tell you that Gordy does a reasonable impression of Williams's later "action" music, which is actually pretty lazy, but almost certainly a byproduct of having to write beds because the picture isn't locked. I remember when I first heard the chase music from something in the prequels when I was like, "So that's what it sounds like when John Williams is phoning it in...". Anyway I'll listen through soon.
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  5. Harmonically, from bar 1, this is not the classic Star Wars harmonic vocabulary, if that matters to you. by 1 minute we're more into Elfman's territory. The orchestration is 5% more Williams, but by 1 minute 30 we're nowhere near the Star Wars aesthetic. At 2 minutes, we've given up entirely and are onto something generic. 2:30 treading water with atmospheric synth patches; no music. 2:38 more horror movie shit. 3;00 John Wick? WTF. 3:30 Okay I guess that's the end of that. 3:50 Oh, hey, a new thing - Mission Impossible by Giacchino, I'd guess if I didn't know better. No development, just a bed.4:30 still Mission Impossible, and pretty boring.5:00 ready for this shit to be over. 5:30. Okay, my advice is stop listening to this shit, it's not helping you. I mean if you like it, fine, listen to it until your ears drop off, but musically this is a 2/10.
  6. I would guess that this is not by Gordy but by Stephen, right?
    Wouldn't fit to what Gordy did in Jedi Fallen Order, or Battlefront.

    Is there any chance of getting Gordy onto a Masterclass, Mike?
    You mentioned in some class that you know him and have a mutual friend.
    Would be interesting to hear what he has to say about the games industry, star wars, how to score games, how to fake Williams and so on...

    Would love that class :)
  7. If he's working, and he's smart, he can't say shit. I'm absolutely sure I could get him on the show with a phone call; Neal Desby is our mutual contact, and both Gordy and I have said nice things about each other, but putting him on my show would just be backing him into a corner and setting him up. In working for the hopelessly-compromised entertainment industry, he lives on a knife edge. One wrong word and that's it. And you can absolutely bet on my show it would be mostly "wrong words."
  8. This was my first impression (and second...and third...), I had the same impression, so I wanted to double check if my senses are not failing me. Thanks for confirming my sanity!

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