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Rescore - Feedback

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Cody Ortz, Feb 12, 2021.

  1. Hi all! I did some transcription this week and rescored this cutscene from the Halo video game with what I learned. I tried to base the thematic material on the actual Halo themes in the game and mix that with the more orchestral transcriptions I was figuring out.

    Not great, but that's where I'm looking for feedback! What are the weak points in the score? Where does the music not serve the film? (I'm really unsure about this aspect as I don't write to film often.) I don't plan on redoing the score, but rather taking and cataloging the feedback as I move on to other scores in a similar style.

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Also, if it helps at all here is the sketch I worked from...

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  3. There might be people on this forum better qualified to give you feedback on this but here are my two cents.

    Overall I think this is pretty good, it sets the tone really well and it's giving me a John Williams/ Knights of the old republic vibe.

    I would say though that sometimes there are cues that feel like they are either too late, too early or need a little bit of oomph to emphasise. Here are a few examples:

    at 0:28, you have a line played by the bassoons (I think) over the characters line, and I feel that here, it's too early. I would have maybe waited till the line had ended and then play that part so the music answers the dialogue. At the moment it feels like the music is fighting against the dialogue there and the dialogue is winning. If you really want to emphasise that part, shift it over to the end. If you haven't already, check out Mike's class on "How to Score a Film in 7 Days" where he uses that kind of thing all the time.

    0:39, I think this part words really well, just thought I'd mention that haha.

    0:47 what is the object that flies out of master chiefs hand? I've not played the Halo games yet, so I don't know how important it is to the story. If it's super super important (which I'm assuming it is cause we've cut to it) I would maybe try and emphasise that moment a bit more. Maybe a bass drum hit or something, I dunno. But at the moment it's like I know the moment is important visually, but I don't think it feels as important in the score. I hope that makes sense.

    0:55 got some Voldemort vibes from John Williams score there haha.

    1:19 The way you've timed the music to the visuals here works really well.

    1:28 Feels like the music is coming in a bit too soon here. Feels like you should hold off a bit longer until we see Cortana coming up. At the moment you have it slightly before then and I think that loses a bit of the impact.

    1:54 Maybe add an extra bass drum hit and or some low bass notes here as a response to the one when he hits the bridge? If anything that low angle shot is where you want the emphasis to be.

    1:56 Nice! I really like how counter melody is timed to the visuals here and it's quite good that it echos the main line and creates a sort of dissonance. Nice and gritty.

    Those are some of my thoughts. Feel free to agree or disagree haha. Do you have a link to the original clip as a comparison?
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  4. Duncan, thanks for the feedback man! I love the mentions of JW because that's what I was transcribing before writing this. Not his Harry Potter stuff, just some of his action cues from Empire.

    Good feedback though! Watching back, I do agree that some of the cues are mistimed and it takes away from the impact. I have not watched that one of Mike's classes, so I'll have to add it to the list. Thanks!

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