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Relax, this is not a race

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Andrew Christie, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. There's the age old reminder that John Williams didn't write Stars Wars until he was 44. Well, he's not the only American composer that wrote his most memorable works around that age...

    Aaron Copland (born 1900):

    Billy The Kid - 1938 (age 38)
    Rodeo - 1942 (age 42)
    Fanfare for the Common Man - 1942 (age 42)
    Appalachian Spring - 1944 (age 44)
    Symphony No. 3 - 1946 (age 46)

    Any other composers that have had a similar trajectory? I think it's nice to have a reminder every now and then that this thing we're in is the long game - especially in this quick gratification world we live in.
  2. I'd say all great composers did their best work at around that age. That's when people's careers usually peak anyways - 40 to 50 years. It just takes time to learn and get all the knowledge in and know how to use it.
  3. So it is too late for me :(
  4. Not at all! We never stop learning, not even at 99!
  5. Always relaxed. Don´t smash you head on trivial things, guys.
  6. Alex I'm a bit confused by this comment mate - not sure what's trivial about it. It's meant to be an encouraging thread.
  7. Yes! There's no hope!!!!

    All jokes aside I hope you get the point of what I mean :)
  8. Well I didn´t take it other than that, Andrew. I just say as general remark that I wouldn´t be too concerned about those things. Mozart wrote his first symphonies at an age where I was playing with hot wheels cars, well, yeah. I am 41. Williams wrote Star wars at 44? Well..okay. :D I dont care. What only matters for me is to be focussed on the things. My comment was to add that I am the same opinion: Its not a race. Get that? I hope so! :)
  9. Ha! Got it :) - I obviously interpreted your comment the opposite way.
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