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Recreating the blockbuster patch...?

Discussion in 'How to Score a Film in 7 Days' started by Gareth Thomas, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. If I wanted to recreate that “blockbuster” symphobia patch, how would I go about it.

    My initial thoughts are to layer Met ark 1 low brass (bass Tombone, tuba, and cinbassi) with Met ark low strings, all with marcato style articulations and then add an aggressive low piano patch too.

    Maybe Timpani too...?

    What do others think?
  2. #2 Alexander Schiborr, Sep 1, 2019
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
    Just loaded the patch and that is a quick overview just from a simple transcription


    CB Bassoon in the very low registers, followed by Bassons, Bassoon Oboe+Clar overlay for mid registers, Oboe + Flute Overlay for higher registers.


    DB for very low registers, DB + Cello the low mid registers, Cellos, Violas, Vlns for middle C registers, Vlns Cellos + Vlos for upper mids, Vlns + Vloas high registers.

    Strings, Brass + PRC

    Piano, Timp, Bassbones, Tenor Bones, Tuba, Lowwinds Basson, CB for Lowregisters, Piano, Bassbones, Tenor Bones, Tuba, Cellos, DB, Bassoons for low mid registers, Same setup + added Horns for mid registers, middle C, an octave above with trumpets but without DB, Cellos, but Vloas + Vlns.

    Important here is that the regions are specifically designed and have a focus. You should treat each registers with that mindset if you really want to get close to that patch. Other than that: If you have symphobia and want exactly that sound..why not simply using it?
  3. Thanks for that. Blimey a lot more complicated than I first imagined.

    I don’t have symphobia (and am not going to buy it for a single patch) and I figured I could recreate it by stacking patches inside an instance if Kontakt.
  4. #4 Alexander Schiborr, Sep 1, 2019
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
    Not really, simple most basic orchestrations going on there. Its the most standard preset that I can think for creating that epic larger than life sound. Also don´t forget that this symphobia patch is just total crap in terms of being true to orchestations because they layer Strings, brass, Winds patch on another Fullstrings tutti patch, on another Winds on Prc, Strings multiple times. It sounds cool but not realistic, its not precise at all.

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