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Recreating an 80's Synth Sound

Discussion in 'Tips, Tricks & Talk' started by Tino Danielzik, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Hi everybody,

    I have to recreate an explicit synth sound that was used in a film-library track from the early 1980's. I have a sound example for you, it is this whaling sound, it's very prominent, you can't miss it.
    This sound example also contains a slowed down version by 50%.

    Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7eyr8qpltsu4tsm/Synth Sound Example.wav?dl=0

    Maybe there is someone who is able to recognize the origin of this sound and can tell me how to reproduce it, maybe @Mike Verta himself has an idea?

    Thanks for all the help in advance!

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  2. I'd say it's a harp gliss layered with a "soft brass" mono synth patch with a lot of reverb.
  3. Thanks for the response Mike!
  4. I'd say something like a pretty quick arpeggio in a synth, with slightly higher attack and release times (to blur the whole thing) and then pitch bending. Also reverb, obviously. Might also be a pitch envelope on the release, just a couple of cents (so you get a pitch-down on release). So that it sounds like the synthy version of the harp gliss which is on top of it.
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  5. Thank you @Aaron Venture! Recreating this sound has become a real challenge, especially if you‘re not a lot into synth. :D As Mike mentioned, it is some kind of mellow or soft brass sound with a lot of reverb and some kind of gliss. But it has some little detuning in it, like you mentioned Aaron, just a few cents and probably some pitch bending too. The reverb itself maybe has some modulation going on, too. But I don‘t think that the original composer of this piece put so much effort into this, since he was no synth guy at all! Probably a patch from some vintage synth with just some pitch bending, that‘s it. :) Thanks for the help!

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