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Princess Leia fixed in Rogue One

Discussion in 'Film & Film Production' started by Paul Battersby, Aug 25, 2020.

  1. I thought some here might like to see this. Look how much more impressive this scene from Rogue One would have been if they had done a better job with faking Princess Leia.

  2. That is most definitely 0.1% better. Instead of a dead-eyed, soulless, creepy avatar, it's now a dead-eyed soulless creepy avatar that looks a touch more like ex-Carrie Fisher.
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  3. No doubt you have developed a more critical eye for this sort of thing but instead of my original reaction in the theater of "This looks too fake to justify putting this scene in the movie", this new deep fake version would have elicited a feeling of "It's nice to see a young version of Princess Leia again". I think this version is much better but different eyes see different things.
  4. It definitely looks better, I completely agree. It's amazing what modern tech is capable of.

    But I think the issue isn't "can", it's "should".

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