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Precedence + Breeze alternatives?

Discussion in 'Tips, Tricks & Talk' started by Josh Fleming, Sep 11, 2022.

  1. For a while now, I've relied on 2CAudio's great Precedence and Breeze plugins for panning and front-back positioning. It seems that the founders have had a massive falling out, however, and it's become abandonware. Are there any good alternatives out there? I've seen some talk about MIR Pro, but it's super expensive.
  2. Answering my own question, it sounds like folks get good mileage out of a combination of binaural panning and a direct verb with configurable early/late reflections and/or dry wet mixing. This is going to take more work but I guess it's better not to be dependent on a plugin.
  3. MIR Pro user here. If you can scrounge up the cash, it is totally worth it. Incredibly intuitive, and takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation.
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  4. My experience with MIR (MIR24) ended up with reselling it. Not because it was bad, but because nothing I had worked particularly well with it. It works well with dry samples, not so much with wet ones. Obvious, I know, but I learned the hard way. The thing that comes closest to MIR that I own is IRCAM Spat v3. Unfortunately quite hard to get your hands on since it's no longer being sold.

    The falling out is a shame, but I have not experienced any issues with Precendence yet because of it, and I don't expect to. Not until one of them sets their licensing server on fire at least.

    That said, to me a (binaural) panner and precedence are not quite the same. Precedence, IMO, works best with panning an existing room. "Panning the room" is somewhere on the list of mixing sins I believe, but precedence does it rather well. I always reach for it when I like a particular room sound but just want to nudge the instrument over to one side or the other because with precedence, you don't lose any of the depth or other qualities of the room when you do so.

    For "regular" panning, I've gotten used to reaching for Panagement (the free version).

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