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PIC REQUEST -- Studios, Desk Setups, etc

Discussion in 'Current Gear' started by Rohann van Rensburg, Dec 31, 2023.

  1. Hey all,

    Title says it all. Trying to finish building out my studio indoors. Not a 3D guru so having to fudge it on the go, but looking for lighting, colours/mood, and desk setups (specifically how to orient the piano keyboard and MIDI keyboard (one in a pull out drawer and one on the desk?

    My space is incredibly small by comparison to most, but mostly looking for vibe and ergnomics.

    Thanks in advance!

    Some random photos I've collected from Gearspace and elsewhere that interest me:

    imgext.jpg photo_2023-12-30_20-52-32.jpg Studio_2015_nk.jpg
    Amon Tobin.jpg
  2. This is my desk.
    What I can recommend is trying to have the least amount of cables.
    The midi keayboard is on top but I'm using it mostly for faders and modwheel so I would like to change it to a smaller controller because it's taking too much space. Desk.jpg
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  3. Post some photos and/or dimensions of the actual space you want to do up. Lighting - both natural and artificial - is everything!
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  5. #5 Rohann van Rensburg, Jan 1, 2024
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    Good call!

    So it's a detached space, and the upside is it's relatively well isolated -- heavy solid-core door with steel/wood lining, double-drywall on staggered studs, RSIC clips on the ceiling, surface mounted electrical, etc. No window

    Downside is it's unfortunately quite small, which means it'll get a lot smaller when I'm done treating the myriad of bass problems. Pic is from the back left corner.

    My original idea was to run some sort of perimeter ledge close to the ceiling with LED strips on the top and bottom, with a piece of 3-4" trim obscuring the light source (wish I could find a picture) so the light shines up the ceiling and down the wall. Was originally thinking red walls but that may well be too dark. Didn't bother wiring pot lights as the space is intended to be shorter-term and is small enough to be lit by lamps (or bulbs like picture 4 above). Will probably keep ceiling white and put bass traps in the top joint, or otherwise stretch canvas between the top 4 corners and add some insulation above.

    I was back and forth about a window, and would sometimes prefer one, but wanted to try "time-of-day ambiguity" and was concerned about security.

    PS -- I need to get into 3D work, the stream inspired me last night. The obvious thing to do would be to model it, but I kind of need my studio space to start modeling anything.

    My Studio.jpg
  6. Thanks, I like the desk and was interested in something similar. Wanted a weighted keyboard and unweighted for other instruments, but unsure how large to go for the unweighted.
  7. Another photo for reference:
    Thinking of either a "cold above" and "warm below" sort of thing, the LEDs casting colder light up high and warmer lamps around the desk and possibly floor, or going for a "warm" vibe light like photo 4.

    Attached Files:

  8. It's from a local furniture factory here in Buenos Aires (https://www.muelertaller.com/) with some custom modifications. They customize the desk to the size of your keyboard and also the height that you want.
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  9. Cool stuff! I haven't found one so far with the right dimensions.

    I think I will do it myself one day.
  10. Can you give me your basic dimensions if you recall them? I'm actually not sure what to shoot for either.
  11. Medidas Desk.jpg
  12. Thank you! How deep is it? 30"?
  13. Ah forgot the depth... the base it's 60cm, the shelf on top 27cm

    But to me the best is this space for cables:

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