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Next Unleashed class?

Discussion in 'Info, Requests, etc.' started by Marian Szewczyk, Oct 3, 2021.

  1. Hi,

    will there be another unleashed class this year? Would love to see it live. Also, how can I make a submission?

    Thanks, Mar
  2. I hope so!

    When/if there is an unleashed Mike will post the instructions for how and when to submit.
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  3. Thanks, David. You mean on Redbanned? Because I've been here for a while, and also follow his youtube channel, but somehow never saw any info about last year's class.
  4. There wasn't one last year
  5. Now that I know my schedule for the rest of the year, I'm planning to do Unleashed 7 around Christmastime, as usual. It'll be different this year - two-handed, playable piano sketches only. That should cut the submissions by about 95%, and improve the quality of submissions by about 1000%. Announcement at the end of the month.
  6. Works fine for me. I always sketch using two handed piano.
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  7. Excellent!
  8. Noice! Will do something :)
  9. and make it far less hours long :D :D
  10. No thanks. Just make it as long as it needs to be. I enjoy the long hours. You can always watch it over more days.
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  11. Same, I love taking the time and watching the whole thing. I even watched some several times.
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  12. I know, but I mean for Mike must be stressful doing 20 hours straight :)
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  13. Sounds awesome! Is it required to perform and record it, or can we notate the two handed piano sketch in something like dorico and send in the playback?
    Would definitely need to work on my timings when performance is required :D
  14. How you get there is up to you, but it needs to be actually playable by a human being.
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  15. Yes! I was hoping for that to happen! I have a quite christmassy track I need to arrange for piano first!
  16. Just wanted to say I loved watched Unleashed 7. Watched it live for about 13hrs. Need to catch the ending soon. Learned a lot from so many of the pieces.
  17. Man, this was something else. I watched it for 3 hours, went to sleep, Mike was still up. Then I went to the capital city, helped my sister move from her apartment to her first house, and checked the stream midway through the move just for fun - MIKE WAS STILL ON. Luckily caught the very end of it, 18,5 hours? Christ. Mike, you're a machine and it was a crazy (master)class. Such a great idea to have it piano only, it was nothing but music discussion the whole time, looking forward to taking the time over the holidays now to watch it whole. THANK YOU.
  18. Yeah the Piano only made it the best so far. Gutted I missed the submissions this year but next year I’ll try my hand at writing something.
  19. Now afterwards, I have mixed feelings about the piano-only. It was certainly great to make the music stand out. But also I felt like we were just listening to a lot of "Piano pieces", not piano-version of pieces that are going to get orchestrated later. Also, because of the piano-only, this year's class was imho not as exciting to listen to as the previous ones.
  20. If the composer can't write a decent, simple piano tune, all the orchestrating and production in the world won't make it good. The truth is, purely-piano music can be amazing and engaging. If it takes sounds to make it so, then it isn't that great.

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