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New Studio?

Discussion in 'Custom Projects' started by Mike Verta, Jul 24, 2023.

  1. I really like Nashville; it's the last great American music town. At our Nashville house we have a bonus room which I'm thinking of turning into a new studio. It would need the works; new power, its own A/C, new lighting, design, sound reinforcement, etc. But I've sketched out a design for it, and I think I may do this; if so, this'd be the home for all future masterclasses and videos I think.




  2. Damn, that would be a cool looking studio! You got to stop posting these rooms man, you're just making me sad I can't afford to get you to build me one!

    Great job, hopefully we get to see the final thing at some point.
  3. Critical note: I see to the left of the R2D2 there is a crystal whiskey decanter. Perhaps a couple shelves behind that short book/score shelf for additional bottles? Or does the slope of the ceiling make that prohibitive? Might need a mini freezer with those large ice cube molds as well. haha
  4. Oh yes, the bar and gun cabinet I haven't put in because this just a sketch for me, not a client. No worries, my spaces always have liquor and weapons directly adjacent to my musical instruments, in accordance with the law of nature.
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  5. Hahaha amazing. Love it.
  6. Very nice!!! Is the Nashville compound in addition to FL, and/or a divestiture from CA?
    We left CA in 2012 and now have dual compounds in MO and IA operating remote facilities that interface to any Hives as needed.
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  7. We divested fully from CA in 2022 and have maintained FL/TN ever since. Draco's about to turn 13, and we're thinking it might be better for his inevitable dating life and friend circle to not have to regularly leave town. So this would have us relocate full-time to Nashville. I'm thinking about it. This sketch is part of me feeling it out.. "would it work...?"
  8. #8 Michael Lückgen, Jul 25, 2023
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2023
    I like how Mike is starting a conversation.

    A statement, which immediately gets you interested in what will follow next.
    The essence of drama presented in every topic he starts to speak about, whether it's his masterclasses or a future project.

    I guess this is what happens when you truly internalise the art of drama.
  9. This looks super awesome!
  10. New power, new dedicated AC, new piles of dust everywhere on everything.

  11. #11 Josh Fleming, Aug 17, 2023
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    Dig the cool gray/black on the far left. Gotta lose the granny ceiling fan, though; it's killing the vibe.
  12. All the lights are being redone with art spots and recessed floods. Losing the fan altogether. It's a long way from here to the design, but we'll get there. Just needed to get the infrastructure first. Networking is next - everything that requires cutting through all the walls. Double/online conversion UPS's and isolation transformers are handled by local units post-outlet.
  13. Very cool designs Mike! I believe I see some toms on the floor, are you going to set up a drum set in there?
  14. Yep, I'll find some space for it!
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  15. I also see that Proton Pack with a Neutrona Wand attachment. Whatever you do, if you have two of them, *do not* cross the streams!
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  16. Put some temporary shades up. Piano and organ should be here Tuesday...

  17. What a fun project! I'm sure everyone wants a comfortable home studio retreat. I'd love to build one in my next home which can double as an office, rather than the other way around.

    I've noticed there are no visible windows in the mock-up. Are they hidden, or do you plan to remove them? It looks like a space station. I was not aware you are so enamored by science fiction. Did you choose Tennessee because of the Nashville music scene, or something else?
  18. Looks awesome! Any updates Mike?

    Been going through a build with a very small space on my property. Been a good exercise in engineering everything, sound isolation is an incredibly unforgiving task.

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