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New Site Feedback/Q&A

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Mike Verta, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Drop it here. The site is designed to encourage cross-talk; to be streamlined and not have a billion levels of hierarchy. If we need more, we can add it, but I like the idea of being able to "overhear" conversations that might be outside of the tiny, specific niche you were looking for. There's always search...

    Anyway, enjoy and let me know what you think!

  2. #2 Øivind Rosvold, Jul 2, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2017
    Great stuff!!!!

    I know that the site is not to be formally launched before July 4th so things might change before that, but
    one thing i am having sort of trouble with is the main navigation.

    The navigation menu items that has dropdowns have a delay on them, at first i thought that you had to click to
    get the dropdown visible and then click again if you actually wanted to go to the Forums, Members, Chat.
    But after some more testing, it is just a delay and the link does not work before the dropdown is shown.

    There are some inconsistencies with the navigation, the dropdown only shows if you are not on the page the
    navigation takes you to, but as you click on Forums and get to the Forums page, the dropdown is no longer
    there but is replaced with a sub menu instead. It took me some time to figure out how it all worked, when i
    can press, where i can find the info after pressing, when it has a dropdown and when it does not etc.
    A couple of suggestions.

    • Use the dropdown but remove the delay and make it so that the dropdown works instantly, which
      probably will make the navigation link work instantly as well. Also have the dropdown always work,
      if you click on Forums, Members, Chat etc, you should still have access to the dropdown. Also have the
      Forums, Members and Chat links give mouseover feedback, so it gives the user more information that
      it is clickable. This might make the sub menu a bit redundant, but the submenu is much faster to find and
      use than the dropdown, so i would keep it.


    • Maybe test with removing the dropdown altogether and just keep the submenu.
    The second thing, is something that might just be a weird because i am not used to it, but that is that there
    are more than one topic horizontally. They are side by side, up to 3 i think. for each subforum. As far as i know
    it is not typical forum layout, so it might be confusing for some, at least it is for me. I am used to look at one
    line at a time to find what i am looking for, so it might make it harder for people to easily find the topics. This
    is also the way most texts are displayed, new info, new line. We see the first topic (as that is usually where
    they are), but the next ones might get less attention and kinda becomes background noise. I guess it is called
    Grid view rather than list view :) If i click the Width button at the bottom, it gets better, but still there are 2 side
    by side rather than 1. [edit]And the masterclasses gid view is very hard to navigate for me.[/edit] And i
    would also want to have the width constrained to the second option from the widthbutton at the bottom of
    the forum (not full width) as default. Full width posts is hard to read. Whitespace.. the final frontier!

    All in all, it is looking swell! Can't wait for the masses to pour inn and getting jiggy with discussions!

    edit: added the gridview masterclasses comment.

    Also the editing window is not the same width as the forum post reply window, which makes formatting harder. Minor thing if you do not format things with a specific width for each line of text, but it is so incredibly hard to read loooong lines of un-broken text, i have to break them up :)
  3. I had a problem with getting the confirmation e-mail, needed to click the resend confirmation e-mail thingy to get it. Seems someone else also had the same problem.
  4. Ditto. And I spent about 10 minutes looking for how to resend it. Note to lurking newcomers: there's a "resend confirmation email" link under the "waiting for email confirmation" notice at the top of the page that's impossible to read due to the site color scheme.

    Good luck sorting out your new digs, Mike!
  5. I tried to provide a link to the Google Sheet in the class breakdown thread but it looks like I can't linkify text (feature seems broken in the rich editor), and if I paste the doc url standalone, XenForo tries to be clever and display the document inline, which doesn't work.

    I imagine you know about this already, but just in case. :)
  6. Can confirm on the issue about the confirmation E-Mail. The second or third time I resent it, it finally worked.
  7. Hi Mike,

    Thank you for creating this cool place.
    Actually I can also confirm that there are some issues with the registrations process, I had to resend 3 times the confirmation email. So the 3rd time it worked.
  8. So weird.. well our backend admin is Andre (creativeforge) so as soon as I see him I'll ask him to take a look! Thanks for the beta testing, guys. working on it!
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  9. For what it's worth, when I tried the resend link I got a message saying my account didn't need confirmation.
  10. Yes because I just manually updated everyone while we sort out the thing (it's a WHM configuration thing, reportedly).
  11. Holy shit, 2FA! :) With the real name rule, this is really great, Mike.

    A couple of other questions: can you possibly bump the avatar size limit? My usual 200x200 doesn't fit in 50KB (it's just under 100KB). Also, what's with the date of birth? I'm a little too privacy-paranoid to give that much out, but could be convinced otherwise.

    I'm really looking forward to this taking off. :cool:

    edit: typo in the avatar size
  12. Date-of-birth must be a default thing I overlooked. We don't need that. Though then you'll miss getting those ultra-personal-birthday-wishes-from-the-forum-bot. And yes, that avatar size limit is bullshit. Standby.
  13. Lovely Place Mike, thanks for creating it. Thrilled to be part of its growing up :)
  14. Allrighty then! :)

    Good to see everybody!
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  15. I am pleased to report that posting juvenile meme pictures seems to be working perfectly.

    It's really critical that important things like this are working correctly.
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  16. Afternoon all.
    Thanks Mike for setting up this board, and thanks to James for sending me the linky-dink. I quite like the interface.
    FWIW, I had absolutely no problem with registration. The process went through exactly as expected so not sure if something has been updated since the earlier problems.
    I am also very pleased to hear that the posting juvenile meme function is working. Priorities.
    Happy posting everyone.
  17. On my profile page there is a list of "postings" which shows posts in black font on dark red background. This is a little difficult to read for me at least. White font would work better. This is a very small thing by the way and isn't going to greatly impact my use of the board, just FYI Mike and Andre.
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  18. Hi Rick, thanks for letting us know. Let me take a look at that and see if I can't fix that. There are a few areas like this that will require a bit of tweak. Cheers and welcome!!
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  19. OK! It should show without that red background now. Let us know if there's anything else... :)


  20. Thanks Andre. All sorted.
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