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Discussion in 'Classes & Discussion' started by Mike Verta, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. New Masterclass -


    When: Friday, December 1st, 2017, 7pm PST
    Where: RedBanned.com


    Click Here to Purchase!

    To be most useful, our virtual orchestras need to behave like real ones. With a properly balanced template, real-world orchestrations work virtually, which lends realism to our music and improves our orchestration skill. In this class, we’ll cover template balancing, and how various articulations should sound when properly dynamic (e.g., the loudest pizz strings are much quieter than bowed ones). We’ll talk about the differences between small and large groups, and look at how mixing techniques play a role in getting the proper sound and feel. Don’t miss it!

    The class will be hosted at my new site: www.RedBanned.com . Be sure to register and join the fun before the show!

    Password details will be emailed 24 hours prior to class.

    See you then!

  2. Sounds good. I'd love to attend one of these live (being in the UK), maybe this could be the first one...!
  3. Wonderful! I just purchased. I keep second guessing myself on whether or not my template is balanced correctly or not. However, since my bedtime is 9 pm eastern, I'll be watching the recording. I know, I know, 9 pm, yes really. I'm old. You will be too one day so quit laughing. :)
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  4. This is a subject that I have been hoping for, as I don’t consider myself to be particularly well balanced at the moment....
  5. Yes looking forward to this class. I’m not well balanced and either is my Template.
  6. That's odd, because when my wife and I were much younger, we were normally in bed by nine too - (and even earlier than that if I could get home early enough.....)
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  7. YES! Thank you Mike! Just bought it. Just what I needed, and a great reward for having just finished a big project. I'm firing up the Macallan 10 for that one. :)

  8. Instant buy for me. I have a lot of libraries that I don't use just because I can't blend them together with other libraries I own. And I know it is not the problem with the libraries but with me not knowing how to combine them together.
  9. Will it be possible to buy this from your homepage with all the other masterclasses later, or is this limited to redbanned-members? Either way, LOVE the topic and idea - will buy for sure, but have to watch the recorded material later because of my stupid job.
  10. All classes are recorded and available after the fact. Usually next day, sometimes a couple days, but it'll be there.
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  11. It gonna be a very interesting masterclass ! I hope you'll spend some time to explain your reverbs, eq, routings for instruments/sections positioning. Will you provide some midi files to test our own template in extreme situations ?
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  12. Who needs this? It's not like anyone can hear anything over my 16 French Horn ensemble + 20 Taikos anyway :p


    In all seriousness: take my money.
  13. I just need to make sure it doesn't duplicate what we've done in Virtuosity but builds on it and expands on it and addresses some things we get in the newer libraries.
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  14. Ah yes, reminds me of the good old days when all my parts were still working. Enjoy it while you can. :)
  15. Keep 'em coming! I appreciate your Masterclasses, great stuff, each it's own Goldmine.
    One of the best reasons to get up in the middle of the night ;-)

    See you there!
  16. I'll take a look at Virtuosity. :)
  17. So, did this actually take place? :confused:
    If so, can somebody give a short review of what Mike did, so I can determine if this class will be for me? Thanks! :)
  18. Yes :) The class took place just as usual: 7PM Mike Time (4AM for Europeans) :) Great class. It took about 5 hours. Just like two previous classes Mike was working in his DAW, so we could see how some things were set.
    From what I remember most of the topics were (not in order):
    - How important for a piece is balanced template.
    - Dry vs. Wet samples
    - Sections of the Orchestra and how to organize them in the template.
    - Strings: Balance between different articulations, Balance between different instruments.
    - Brass: Balance between different articulations, Balance between different instruments.
    - Woodwinds: Balance between different articulations, Balance between different instruments (very quick, since it was similar concept to the previous sections).
    - Adding the Z-Depth to the mix (Distance from the listener). - Most important! This was new to me and was a real eye/ear opener!
    - The difference between Z-Depth and a Reverb Room Size.
    - Using Reverb on instruments placed in the Z-Space.
    - And as usual some little Tips and Tricks plus questions from the audience.
    Can't remember rest of them right now. I will need to watch Class again one or two times, and preferably not at 4AM, to really absorb everything.
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  19. It sounds great, I can't wait. :)

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