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New Masterclass - Orchestration 3-Presets

Discussion in 'Classes & Discussion' started by Mike Verta, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. #1 Mike Verta, Sep 7, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2017
    New Masterclass -

    Orchestration 3 - Presets

    When: Friday, September 22nd, 2017, 7pm PDT
    Where: RedBanned.com


    Click Here to Purchase!

    In this class we’ll go through each instrument of each section of the orchestra and set up some orchestration “presets” for how to use them. We’ll prepare lead/chord/countermelody/flourish templates for various styles and contexts so you have some quick, great-sounding go-tos when developing ideas or working on pieces. Epic presets, quiet presets, haunting presets, action presets, quirky, vintage, RomCom, horror and many more. Not a lot of theory, just a lot of easy-to-use formulas to get you instantly in the vibe. Inspiring and useful; don’t miss it!

    Password details will be emailed 24 hours prior to class.

    See you then!

  2. Boom! Just ordered it. It's a no brainer. Thank you, Mike!

    Another Mike
  3. Great idea, looking forward to the class.
  4. I'm so there. Thanks Mike!
  5. Woo, I'm in! Thanks
  6. How I wish I could attend these live! Sounds great, will be purchasing after the event as always!
  7. Don't know if I can be there - it's in the middle of the night for me - but another goldmine right there. Insta-buy.
  8. Excellent...
  9. Is anyone else having problems at checkout? I'm getting a perpetual 'waiting' graphic.
  10. Still having a problem, @Sam Miller?

    Also, if anybody has specific requests for orchestration presets, let me know. I've made a good list of examples to do across all the instrument families and styles and ranges, but one never knows...

  11. All sorted. Thanks for the quick fix, Mike.
  12. Actually yes, trying to purchase now but it's hanging after I press 'proceed to paypal'
    What was the fix? @Mike Verta
  13. For me the fix was simply reload the site.
  14. The security certificate for the site was updated, so just make sure the link starts with https and not http. That is the issue.
  15. That wasn't the issue either, checkout section of the site was https but still not loading.
    Tried everything.. refreshing/disabling adblockers.

    Finally got through to paypal by actually ENabling a chrome plugin called scriptsafe.
    Really weird stuff, have 25+ classes and never ran into any problems before.

    Anyway, it's sorted...
    Have fun everybody!
  16. Has anyone received an email with password details?
  17. Not yet - IIRC They usually come a bit closer to kick off.

    Was really looking forward to this - despite a 2 am start for us in the U.K.

    However, I have just come down with man flu. Whilst this does give me an excellent excuse to open a bottle of something nice to use as a restorative, this is tempered with the fact I may well not live long enough to enjoy the class.

  18. No worries. Just want to make sure I'm not out of the loop!

    Man flu + laksa = good times. Stock up!
  19. Passwords just went out.

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