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New Masterclass - A Better Main Title

Discussion in 'Classes & Discussion' started by Mike Verta, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. New Masterclass -


    When: Friday, October 13th, 2017, 7pm PDT
    Where: RedBanned.com


    Click Here to Purchase!

    In 2004, I did a score for a film called “Forbidden Warrior” with a 96-piece all-star orchestra, recorded at the legendary Todd-AO studio by Academy Award-winning engineer Shawn Murphy. Who among us could possibly complain? It was beautifully performed and recorded; it sounds like a Big Hollywood Movie. Well, in this class, we’re going to analyze the Main Title both compositionally, and especially orchestrationally because today I would do it very differently; much more effectively. We’ll talk about how and why, and reveal some of the key ingredients to the classic “Hollywood sound.” Included in the class is a copy of the original score for study. Don’t miss this one!

    Password details will be emailed 24 hours prior to class.

    See you then!

  2. Can't wait! Thanks so much Mike.
  3. This is such great news! I love that main title theme and I'm beyond excited about this upcoming masterclass :D
  4. Done! Great idea.

    Do you intend to hand out the score prior to the class? It'd be useful to have a day or two to go over it and prepare questions about your orchestration, notation etc.
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  5. Sounds similar to "putting it all together".

    Will you be going in to more detail of the middle bit of the process? I.e. Going from piano sketch to midi mock up (which was absent from the putting it together masterclass)?
  6. I absolutely can't wait. Being old and from Georgia, I will have to view it later off line. But purchasing now.
  7. The "Virtuosity" masterclass is a good guideline for that part of the process. The midi mock up is just the "approximation" of the orchestration on a computer, and I believe the orchestration was discussed in the "Putting it all together" class, but I might be wrong (it's been a while).

    Also I think the "mocking up" part was discussed on the "Composing - When you don't feel like it" video quite in depth (on Youtube), so I would go see it there!
  8. The orchestration was discussed, it just seemed to me to be quite a leap. Particularly for a beginner (like me) it was very difficult to make the connection between the "block chord piano sketch" composition and the full blown orchestral recording.

    Don't get me wrong, it was a great masterclass. I just felt that the middle bit (piano sketch to orchestration) would have been the most valuable learning resource for someone like me.
  9. Well there are two other orchestration classes which talk about that process. :)
  10. Yup, I've watched those too and they are great. I just felt that something like the race (or the new main theme masterclass) is great opportunity to demonstrate putting those principles into practice using a fully fleshed out composition. ;)
  11. If you've watched 3 orchestration Masterclasses and are still asking about this then what you're doing is listening and watching videos, but you're not doing anything. Take something in one of the videos - take a discussion on open voice chords for brass or strings, or one of the presets discussed at length - and try using them. Stop learning and start working. Post them for us here - that's the process. "Is this right? How about this?" That's what we're here for. Try, fail, let us correct you, and get better. What you're asking for has been done several times in several ways. Now it is your turn to try. Don't wait, and have no fear. Orchestrate for one section if you want - say, trombones. Don't even bother with writing if you don't want to, just orchestrate a I-IV-V progression 6 ways for 3 trombones. Just do it. Do it, post it.
  12. Fair enough...:D
  13. OK, here's the first minute of my transcription. I know there are lots of issues and that's why I'll be excited to see the real score to see what is different. I hope I can get time to do some more before the class. Has anyone else transcribed this yet?

    Mike, if for some reason you don't want this up before the class, let me know and I'll take it down.
  14. Not at all, looks good, though for the class we'll just be doing the Main Title portion, as heard in the reprise. We actually recorded it separately and the connection to the Prologue in the film was an edit after the fact!
  15. Figures...Trust me to get started on the wrong section. Well, the Main Title sounds easier and more straight-forward...and that's part of its charm - its easy to listen to and digest. So why would you want to change it? We'll have to wait an see. I'll see if I can get started transcribing it tonight.
  16. Logins and passwords have gone out for tomorrow night's class!
  17. Received! Are you still planning to send out the score?
  18. Yes the score link will be provided as soon as I finish .pdf'ing it.
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  19. Can't wait for tomorrow's class!

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