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Music for a logo / title

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Sylvain Provenzano, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. Hej mate,

    Nice short theme. Curious but were you going for the vibe of the 20th Century Fox style fanfare? Or was it just that he needed a fanfare. Because if not..then fine. If so..a a few things apart from the more heavy driven classic harmony in the 20th Fox, there is also a bit more "drive" and "energy" and truly a "thematic" anchor which is very "Hooky". So that is absolutely not easy to do because you have to say it straight on the nose in 10 seconds or so. However, maybe you could think at least to incorporate a bit more of that energy towards the end of your fanfare bringing a bit more of the brass and some timpani crescendo. And if you were really going for that 20th-century thingy, then you definitely need to spice up a bit the harmony there. (usage of extensions, half-diminished chords, and Dom7, eventually with alterations and extensions and the voicings have to be tight ass authentic too. What I did a while ago is to transcribe a lot of Hollywood fanfares incl. also this one and just because I was interested in what kind of harmony is going on. (Maybe an idea to do so..)

    Other than that it sounds nice. Maybe a bit "midi-ish"..but that's..programming..
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  2. Hey Alex,

    Thank you for your answer. The purpose was to do a logo-ish thing, not necessarly a fanfare or something similar to the 20th century hollywood music. He's telling story for babies so I tried to write something nice and a bit magic or dreamy (a story and go to bed !). That's why I avoided the timpani and a full brass section. I think I did well (if not, you can tell me).

    My main concern is about orchestration and harmony/voicing, I'm still a sorcerer's apprentice and my goal is to write things playable by a real orchestra (unless I delibaratly violate that rule but, I'll do it later...).
    I've got a lot of questions like : Is my orchestra setup ok ? Are trills on 1 flute + 1 oboe ok ? Are 2 horns and 1 cello playing unisson ok ? Are my dynamics ok ?

    For the midi-ish sound, it's because it's rendered from sibelius w/ note performer. I tend to avoid using my daw and the sample madness until I can compose and orchestrate properly.
    Actually, the sound of the render is pretty impressive for the 0 time spend on it. :p
  3. Alright. Well, you are good to go then. I wasn´t sure if you intended to go closer to the 20th century fox. However, I have not much to complain..you know I could start doing my nitpick..one little thing which I am still missing: That strong "leading" aspect and the way how strong your idea is. You know..and that is the hard thing: To say something straight and on the point in no time. I wouldn´t break my head here too much over that orchestration details tbh..yeah flute + oboe trills..can do..does that make the piece better? Leave them? Any difference..maybe a bit less textural component. You know..spent the most time..with your hook line. Overall it is cool. The beginning has a nice flair. I understand why you hold yourself back when knowing that background for the series here.
  4. Patrick, the snoop was faster!
    Thanks, Patrick!
    And Paul, I do learn better when challenging my ears. I can only recommend trying out transcribing things like that before looking at the score. It cements things so much more effectively. Though probably you do it anyways.
    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
    I am out!
    See you tomorrow or so.
  5. Hey!

    I thought it was really nice! Well done.

    I have two small items I personally would experiment with.

    • I don't know if you need that 3rd piano rolled chord at 10 seconds. Try deleting it altogether, or maybe continue with the Mark Tree or other instruments. (I wonder if it will help the pull of the build to let the piece drop in energy a little more by omitting this 3rd rolled chord
    • SOFT: timpani roll, and suspended cymbal. I think it would give the build a little more push.

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  6. Oh, I like this harp chord :p Maybe I can just drop the lower notes...

    I can add a timpani and and cymbal but there's already a tam-tam roll crescendo during the last part.

    Also, the dynamics are low so I have some margin to play louder, maybe I should try this.

    Thank you for your answer @Doug Gibson :)
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