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Mike's Adv. Strings Demo, what's happening at 03:42?

Discussion in 'Tips, Tricks & Talk' started by Hur Ozan Cerrahoglu, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. Hi there,

    I am looking for support; what is the progression happening at 03:42 of this video?

    It is some aleatoric alike progression but precisely what's going on? :(((

    All support appreciated,

  2. aleatoric means chance, so the piece would change each time. That's not what is going on here

    Had listen.

    The high violin:

    Bb to G

    Drop an octave


    Drop an Octave

    G, B, Bb, G

    Drop an octave


    The accompaniment sounds like an augmented chord Eb, G, B (Eb above middle line bass clef to B just below the middle C)

    If you would like I can notate it out for you at a later time.


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  3. Dear Doug,

    And i thought my ears were not bad... )) Thank you so much for the tip, no need notes you simply nailed it :)... Now it makes lot more sense but still have 2 questions.

    1. accompaniment as you said; mid/high strings play augmented chord (Eb, G, B) and i think I also hear bass is playing a low C... So perhaps in total with bass they actually form a typical Williams chord. Cmin with major 7th in it right? Ok, that's total sense.

    2. The melody... Is this a chromatic motion or somehow Williams takes a diminished scale and plays an extended version over Cmin-maj7th chord? I mean what is a "B" doing between G, C and Bb? What's the trick behind this beautiful aroma? I feel same aroma in following video during 00:48. Right?

    Williams is creating the drama already with the sinister chord (similar to Mike's accompaniment) . But how he and mike choose appropriate melody notes on such progression? Or is it simply some tricks from Planets - Mars?

  4. Personally I would just consider it a chromatic passing tone. Those augmented sounding chords give you a lot of freedom for adding
    in chromatics.

    It's just an old "trope"

    Have a look at the opening of Psycho. Same maj-min chord and same maj3 -min3 off the 5th.

    The War of the Worlds example sounds to me more like "The Rite of Spring". Click below

  5. Dear Doug,

    Thank you very much for your super useful tips and your time.

    I see the sound is similar with Hermann tricks but there are many modules in there I hope i understood what you meant correctly. )) Many thanks.

    I actually explored these chords years and years ago but never went to that extend but it seems i was on the correct path almost :).

  6. Just FYI.

    I watched the John Williams interview in the other thread and his score to Dracula was brought up.

    Same min/maj7 sonority is used for the basis of that theme too.

  7. @Doug Gibson thank you so much for your time and help. You ARE the MAN!
  8. Dear Doug,

    Thank you so much for your time and awesome and useful tips. Dracula soundtrack is amazing. It's exactly the sonority I was trying to figure out. If there are any other tips for building melody and accompaniment in such setting i will be so glad if you can share. Best,

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