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Mike Verta's Score Pad, Printable and For Print Shops

Discussion in 'Notation' started by TD Gary, Sep 15, 2020 at 1:02 AM.

  1. #1 TD Gary, Sep 15, 2020 at 1:02 AM
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2020 at 1:21 AM
    A Story
    Mike Verta's Score Pad; a worthy investigation of a paper trail if I ever saw one. As Mike is a generous, jovial fellow and encourages a culture of T&A - that's Thrift & Accessibility - it was disheartening to learn that his favored battleground of passion for producing beautiful music was difficult to find in a similar capacity. I reached out to JGM for a quote and received a reply that dramatically tightened my sphincters. All of them. A copy of the original score pad was quoted to run US$58 per pad, minimum 10 pads. God knows what the shipping would have been.

    As I considered that a somewhat high cost for printed paper, I dug through my extensive collection of racy, degenerate videos starring our favorite host to locate a reasonable image of the mythical score pad:

    Mike Verta score sheet.jpg

    Luckily, with Sharpie for scale, it was possible to very roughly discern the size of the media - in the ballpark of 12.5" x 21.5".
    I could hear the music in my head...

    "We're going to need a bigger desk."

    Unluckily, no one prints pads that large for a bargain. Understandable, as large volume digital printers the likes of Ricoh and Konica Minolta can only handle cut sheets up to 13" x 19", and continuous offset printing is much less affordable these days due to setup and maintenance costs. Most print shops only offer custom pads up to 12" x 18", which makes a slightly claustrophobic but still very usable score pad. Knowing this, nature took its course. To be brief, one hot and steamy afternoon of lovingly wrestling with Adobe Illustrator produced a serviceable replica of this very special score pad in 12" x 18", and I thought I'd share it here for everyone to use.

    Also, I got some printed score pads out of all that. They're pretty nice.

    The end.

    The Score Pad
    Find the PDF attached to this message or uploaded to a Google Drive here:
    PNG, PDF
    These files are sized at 12" x 18" and minimum 300DPI.
    That's good enough to print anywhere.

    Any feedback is - as always - welcome. Staves too small, symbols too jank, layout too cramped, story too dull, sex not good enough? Hit me with it.

    If you need other sizes or modifications, feel free to post requests in this thread and I'll promptly ignore them for a few days before feeling guilty enough to do something about it - or until money is involved.

    I'm also open to ideas for other score pad layouts.
    The vector assets are already done, after all. It would be a shame not to make more use of them.

    Where To Print
    As I live in the states, I use US-based print shops for cheap shipping.

    I personally prefer PrintPPS because they're the most affordable at around US$20 per pad of this size and the minimum order amount is only 4.
    If I was better at math, I could tell you precisely how good of a deal that is compared to JGM.
    For now I'll just say "alot gooder" and assume I'm not completely wrong.

    I believe PrintPPS also ship to Canada, but maybe not for free - I don't know.

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  2. Nice one ! From out of no where an OCD remake of Verta's custom manuscript.

    One of my favourite purchases was of old refurbished printers that could do duplex 12x18. Some are as cheap as $250 !!!
    It saved my ass when I lived in NYC.

    Curious to ask you: Why Adobe Illustrator? I must say I am surprised by the results you produced. I don't know Illustrator myself, but this turned out quite well I would say.

    I am sure this could be recreated in Sibelius/Finale/Dorico, and then you could have the best of both worlds. You can hide the rests and use that version for printing and writing by hand, and then keep the rests for final version to be typeset.

    Interesting, and thanks for sharing
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  3. Sure thing!

    As for the purpose of using Illustrator, well it's because I deal with it every day. We're practically BFFs.
    I do have Dorico and adore it for notation, but the engraving mode isn't what it could be in my clumsy mitten-hands. That's item #something on the eternal to-do list.

    I figured that staves for manuscript paper are just a bunch of lines with a couple symbols anyway, and I like to believe I could even make some spiffy non-standard stuff that might not be possible in Dorico. Probably. I'll have to think of what that stuff might be someday.
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  4. If you did not need playback sound, and were going for a score "as visual art" only approach; can you enter in pitches with a stylus pen ?
    I think the potential could be awesome. Basically staffed without the need for playback or the computer trying to interpret you. Just your own writing.

    As far as things you can't do; Anything aleatoric for sure.

    If you have never seen them have a look at George Crumbs scores. All done by hand. Impossible to do with notation programs

  5. Hey thank you very much for this! :)

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