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Mastering with Aaron Venture - Just splendid

Discussion in 'Tips, Tricks & Talk' started by Alexander Schiborr, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to let you know that Aaron Venture (also on this forum) and I joined forces for that Track "The plot thickens" and he did the master of the track and man..I am totally blown away. Aaron did imo such a great job with that master which just kicked me from my rotten composing chair. He is a professional mastering engineer and helped me out with that track and I am totally blown away. He really added some mojo to the track I have to say.

    I would like to give credit to his expertise as I think he does a fantastic job there and if you ever need a great mastering engineer please go and hire him for your projects..he is good guy, total dedicated, legit and deserves everything here.

    Here is the master he did of my track:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/oqvz6ka9eklvb2f/Alexander Schiborr - The Plot Thickens (AVmaster1).wav?dl=0

    And here is his contact website, sure you can also write him a mail on this forum if you need his expertise:


    Thank you Aaron. Man you kick major butt!
  2. Ah man, you give me too much credit :D

    But thanks for the kinds words <3
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    Sounds awesome. Congratulations! The mix is great.

    @Alexander Schiborr I have now listened to this track five times. It is a great piece of music. My one piece of critique is that I would have liked the mood and orchestration at 1:53 to go on longer before we start the build. Or bring that back again later in the piece.

    That is not much to critique compared to all of the really great things in this piece. Your woodwind work is terrific. And I love the tubular bells and especially the ENDING. Lots of twists and turns thrown into that prolonged final cadence. I do not think it is an exaggeration to say that this piece could easily rival something by Goldsmith or Horner. :)
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    Yes, I thought to use that part as a transition, but sure..you can make more out of it..there was a limitation for me because I deleted and had to rewrite a part and so that was the thing that because resolution wise to the part after that, otherwise I had to transpose the part and reorchestrate a lot. So that was easier for me.

    PS: That is a complete over exxegeration to compare that to some real masters..I don´t know what to say to that. I mean that is flattening to read, but man..come one..hehe.:D I mean it made me almost a bit cry because I mean it is means a lot to me reading that, you know...getting almost sentimental.
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  5. Yes, Aaron is a legit wizard. He is really fun, easy, and professional to work with. He recently just mixed my score for a short film and I couldn't of asked for a better guy to work with.

    Aaron is amazing and I'm glad you had the chance to work with him Alexander!
  6. Cool maan! No I enjoyed working with Aaron a lot and I am so glad also I was working with others here, also with Doug and all great and whenever I have my (Hopefully bigger next project lol) I will hire Aaron again to master my shit.
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  7. Great piece and a great mix. Already commented on VIC about the warbling issue on the violins, so I'm not gonna bother here. @Aaron Venture did you do "just" the mastering or did you do the mix + master?

    Fantastic work both of you! At this rate I better start asking for signatures soon!
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  8. I just did the master, Alex sent me a final render of his mix. I retouched dynamics, section by section (as in "structural section", not "instrument section"), cleaned things up a bit, especially in tuttis and made sure the whole thing stuck together more.
    It was the final finish but I believe it helped a lot.
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    Will try to fix that guys, thank you for the listening and advice, much appreciated.PS: I apologize for not getting this straight..sometimes when you work so much on one piece your brains gets numb and eaten up over time.
  10. No need to apologize at all. I get exactly what you mean. For example, today I was listening to some of my old stuff, and I immediately noticed all kinds of things that were wrong. Not just in the mix, mind you, but more that I suddenly noticed with incredible clarity how static and beat-one heavy almost everyhing I've done is.

    Your piece is so much more lively, moving, and connected in comparison. Goes to show where hard work and dedication can get you!

    I am honestly very much looking forward to hearing the fixed version of The Plot Thickens because the piece has really started to grow on me over time.
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  11. it would be enlightening to hear the original. Was that some "Journey to the Island" practice?
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    Yes, I will do, I actually rendered down 30 seconds with some tweaked violins, but I need to talk and sent it first to Aaron. We ll fix that! :D
    Yes, of course I lifted the gestures from the beginning of JTTI. Sure..that was done on purpose because I wanted to know more about the underpinning textures from that cue and also I tested out some devices to see how they work with virtual instruments but to say at least I tried pretty quick to make my own thing out of it, so it is imho not just a heavy lift from the whole track. In my track are much other influences and I go totally other places with my writing there as well.
    Do you mean the mixfile? Sure I can what do you want to have? Mp3 or the wave, 24 bit?

    Though some little hint: I tried in the finale at the end to mix harmony from Jurrassic Park again but mixed with harmony from the star wars main title. They are little hidden though :D PLUS there is heavy lift right at the end with that biting pedal tone against the major chord which I stole from silvestri BTTF Score..yeah..I am stealing all the time..I am fucking thief. lol :D
  13. Can you give us a link to a file you gave to Aaron? We don't know how great job Aaron did if we don't know what was the starting point.
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  15. To have a good comparison you need to listen to both on equal volumes (but I guess you know that) otherwise you can´t make any fair comparison imo. However I don´t know how many hours, but quite some I would would say. When I look at version one that was like in early May and the last one from 17th of June, so yeah, sure I didn´t work everyday on that piece, but I guess it took me 3 weeks or something. I don´t know if you ever spent like a couple of weeks on one piece? Thank you!
  16. Not on music, but on other things like digital paintings or 3D renderings. I'm only asking because I don't have a proper frame of reference yet for how long composition takes. I'm hearing vastly conflicting numbers, so I'm collecting more data points to get a better idea where I'm on the curve when I spend more time with it. Right now I'm transcribing a piece from a game soundtrack ("Warhammer 40K Space Marine" - probably not super popular around here) and trying to make a reasonably accurate mockup of it with my sample libraries. Probably gonna end up taking 15 to 20 hours for a rather simple 2 minute piece... but that includes working on my orchestral template.

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