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Last Jedi Score Streaming Free on Amazon Music

Discussion in 'Score Study Resources' started by Gharun Lacy, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. Guys
    If you have Amazon Prime you can stream The Last Jedi score for free. I already bought it when I realized it was streaming too.

  2. Interestingly, you can hear the structural dramatic failings of the film in the cues. It never breathes. It's typical Abrams mad-dash of frenzy to stop the viewer from realizing the film has no substantive core. Williams has no choice but to serve it as he has, but the cue structure is night and day from anything in Empire or Jedi, for example. It's worth listening to one of these action cues, and then go listen to The Asteroid Field, or Battle of Yavin. Night and day.
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  3. @Mike Verta, I was just logging back in to say the same the thing. My first listen through and it feels like "moments" without the common threads we're used to. What makes it even more glaring is, unlike the prequels, there are familiar themes here with Leia's theme and the Force theme playing prominent roles. To hear those motifs without the supporting structure that cemented them into out brains makes the lack of coherence really stand out.

    There is a level of excellence that John will never fall below out of sheer competence. No matter how bad the talent, Bill Bellchick will field a competitive team just by managing what is in front of him, and it feels like that's what John is doing here. It's better than anything from the rotating Marvel crew (although I did enjoy Christophe Beck's Ant-Man Score) but it's missing something.

    Hearing it in the context of the film may provide more insight.
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  4. It's also on Spotify.

    Just saw the film today. I actually quite liked the movie. It has some fantastic scenes, but man, it also has some pretty bad ones. I still liked the movie and the more serious tone. There were some "ah for fuck's sake" humor and questionable character writing, however I enjoyed the more serious, darker tone (it reminded me of KOTOR 2),

    But there a shit ton of stuff going on. And from the very beginning to the end, it never really stops to take a breath. I mean it does, but very shortly and it felt forced because it was at the same time a weird and forced attempt at worldbuilding (think if when Luke came to Bespin he met Lando and while Han was being shipped off to the CF chamber, they both took a smoke break on the balcony overlooking the people of Bespin and talked about how shit life is).

    I just listened to the score to see if it turned out like The Force Awakens (IMHO rather mediocre score after the first reel, but then I listened to the album and there were a few more cues that I liked very much which never appeared in the movie in that same form), but no. This whole album is one huge action score, constantly juggling themes, and I feel like they didn't go anywhere from TFA. Poe's theme, Rey's theme, Kylo Ren... nothing. I find it sad that in 150 minutes the movie couldn't have an even pace for 4 minutes at a time and deal with a short arc during that (or whatever the term is) and do that a couple of times, which would let John do his work, and it would all feel more cohesive.

    The whole movie feels to me like an attempt to do a LOTR movie-amount of content in 150 minutes, and they decided to only keep in the action-y stuff. Extended LOTR versions took 4 hours, and rightfully so.

    As for the bad scenes, there's already a parody of one which I'll post as soon as I find it again.
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  5. Afaik JJ Abrams is only the (co)-producer on this one, not the director, but I might be mistaken? Haven't looked it up and I am reluctant to type in anything Star Wars: Last Jedi related into google for fear of spoilers.

    I have to say though, while I'll probably end up agreeing that the long-form structural development is lacking when compared to the original trilogy, these individual cues are still very strong. I didn't find TFA mediocre at all, to be honest, not even for Williams' standards. I don't mean to make any baseless insinuations, but sometimes I wonder if we're not blinded by nostalgia. Heck, I was looking for Williams' score to The BFG the other day and recall reading that the score was "typical Williams" (in a kind of "nothing to see here, move along" sort of context). I'm not sure what Williams' has done (or failed to do) to be met with, dare I say, indifference, but I still find his recent works highly enjoyable to listen to.

    I realize the points made were more in relation to long-form structural development and I can certainly see the truth of that. I just think that while those scores perhaps fall short of the original, they're by no means bad scores. I still find "Jedi Steps" and "March of the resistance" very memorable cues, to be honest!

    @Aaron Venture If you do post the parody, maybe you can hide it in spoiler tags? Haven't seen the movie yet!
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  6. I agree. I rather enjoyed TFA but as @Aaron Venture mentioned. The TLJ score doesn't seem to build on the TFA themes. I don't here much of the Jedi Steps motif while both the motifs for Poe and Fin are basically not there. Granted I don't know what rolls those characters play in the film yet but I would have loved to heard some development on Poe's theme. There is plenty of the resistance theme which is great. I actually transcribed it a while back:

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  7. Relatively speaking, the new Williams scores are fucking masterpieces. That said, they support dramatically inferior, forgettable films, which is why despite a billion-dollar push by Disney to supplant classic characters with all these disposable ones, the original trilogy characters still outsell and outbrand the new stuff by orders of magnitude. Nobody wants a Captain Phasma anything, but you can still sell the shit out of a Yoda spatula. The new films are quantifiably inferior - that just has nothing to do with one's enjoyment of them, especially in an atmosphere of lowered expectations. Williams is doing his best, but garbage in/garbage out.
  8. I don't have a Yoda spatula. Need one I do not. That these Star Wars films are inferior to the original trilogy is hard to deny (though I must disclaim that I haven't seen TLJ yet, but I don't go in expecting something that would live up to the originals). That said...what's your take on the prequels then? I don't hate them as much as others seem to, though they are more clunky, but I don't feel the music suffered as much.

    I bring the prequels up because they're generally considered bad films and I wonder if you find the score to those (the prequels) to be in the same ballpark as the recent TFA and TLJ scores?
  9. I just didn't think the TFA score worked in the film past the first reel with the exception of Starkiller. I too think that The March of the Resistance is a wonderful piece, but we only hear a short snippet of it in TFA, and also snippets in TLJ. I guess that's what I would call the TLJ score. Snippets.

    Of course I will.

    I agree. Like here for example, the cute animals in the film are mainly there so that they can have new toys to sell. They serve no purpose in the film other than some sort of comic relief. And guess what you can already buy on Amazon for $40? As for John, I'm looking forward to hearing what he did in The Post. At least Spielberg knows his shit.

    TLJ is different. It's not gonna be what you expect. It didn't play into the "Star Wars formula". Without going too much into it, it kinda shits on many things that you've come to know as Star Wars throughout the previous 6 (8) films tone-wise. There's still your Star Wars tropes, like arrogance of the bad guys and the good guys, but even that very fact is touched on. It's unlike Ep. V in a way that I seriously have no idea where the next film will go. It takes a rather strong turn for a Star Wars movie and takes on a tone that was previously done in some games, but not on big picture.
  10. The prequels can all go kick rocks with open toed shoes on. The movies themselves really do suck. That said, I think JW had more to say in his music at the time. Especially in Episode III. He seemed to be determined create something new and not to lean on the original motifs. There are some real gems in ROS especially this guy:

    That modulation @ 1:11 in the vid is one of my favorites!
  11. Williams had more enthusiasm - as did everyone - going into the prequels.
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  13. I saw a billboard today in LA for The Post where WIlliams is the first name in the billing block! He's even ahead of the producers. Is that unusual? Only the actors & director got higher billing.
  14. #14 Alexander Schiborr, Dec 16, 2017
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    ..the only thing I have to say in this regards is that I am amazed that a man of his age is still doing that. Even if his work doesn´t hold up with his old stuff I dare not to say anything bad about his actual soundtrack works because who of us could say of himself beeing almost half of a century working in this business and still at that age writing such complex music (which btw exceeds our writing skills here by gazillions of levels) plus dealing with the stress of a big hollywood movie production. Nobody of us here is even that old of how long he is in the business..

    So..for my feelings..I just have the highest respect and nothing else. I mean each single one of you is entitled to have his own opinion and feel free to critic but maybe some should also consider those things I mentioned here due to all fairness to a godamn 86 year old man...This is just my opinion.
  15. I haven't seen TLJ yet, but since we are veering off topic a little I will continue :) As far as these newer films not being as good as the originals I agree that part of that may be attributed to the nostalgia factor. Also, of COURSE they are not likely to be as good as the originals.... I mean, if they made Shawshank Redemption 9, who the hell would think it would be as good as the first one?

    Having said that however, I rather enjoyed TFA and also the offshoot Rogue One. And in the case of TFA, I really enjoyed the score as well. I am a huge fan of Rey's Theme and The Jedi Steps. Wonderful, evocative writing.

    Can't wait to hear what Williams does for The Post. That's cool his name is first in the billing block. IMO exactly as it should be.
  16. As a very casual Star Wars viewer, ( I never saw the the prequels, and I do not intend on seeing the current one. I just buy the soundtracks)
    one thing become very painfully obvious:

    No one should ever build a fucking "death star" again. Why the fuck do they keep on building this thing, and with the same exact flaw.

    " Hmm..... should we have a single spot that blows up the whole place...... Yeah ... sounds good."

  17. As for the parody scene, here is a Youtube link. I won't embed it.

  18. As for the original Death Star, Rogue One explains that pretty well (as well as they could, anyway). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rogue_One#Plot
  19. I skimmed through the soundtrack. I did not listen to the long cues, and noticed "The" is used in about every title.

    Anyhow, two stood out for me. So I picked "The Fathiers" and spent a little time tonight transcribing,

    The economy of craft is still totally on the mark. He definitely knows the spots to push regarding orchestration and to leave out.

    Anyhow, I did this, A-B'd it to compare with the soundtrack...... held my head down in shame. Nope.

    "You must train grasshopper"

  20. Just saw the abomination, I mean "Star Wars" "film".

    There were about three moments in the whole thing that felt like Star Wars to me, the rest of it...let's not go there.

    I now completely agree what was said above about the music by the way.

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