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Kiki's Delivery Service, or "Why you should stop when it's done"

Discussion in 'Tips, Tricks & Talk' started by Rohann van Rensburg, Sep 2, 2021.

  1. Not sure how many here are Ghibli fans, but has anyone ever watched both versions of Kiki's Delivery Service?

    We own the original English dub version with the Japanese songs and it's the version my kids are used to. We happened upon the Disney 2010 re-release on Netflix, assuming it was the same film, and I was perplexed at the difference in the film.

    Not only is there more music added into quiet scenes -- music that felt out of place and irrelevant to the score at large -- there is a great deal of extra dialogue that is so insufferably verbose and unnecessary that I found it difficult to even have playing in the background. I know Ghibli for their ability to uniquely convey the feeling of particular situations, such as the quiet of an early summer morning in the city, the gloom of heavy grey rainfall, etc. The extra additions essentially rob this film of those moments.

    I wondered if it was simply an issue of exposure, since I had seen the original version first. However:
    "Ghibli was apparently not a fan of the changes Disney had made to the film, and when it was re-released on DVD in 2010, the songs were back to the original Yumi Arai tracks, the additional incidental music and most of Phil Hartman's ad-libbed lines had been removed, and the important line at the end was restored to its original intent. The original Disney version has not been released since."

    It's a great example of why I usually find tampering with or drastically changing a finished piece, even in an effort to make it better, tends not to yield good results.
  2. Changing the music in a Studio Ghibli film is especially bad because the music is the lead character to which the other main characters play a supporting role. If it were a generic hollywood film with forgettable music that was changed to completely different forgettable music, I doubt anyone would notice or care.

    I think you are right about a creation being done. When it is done, it is done, and you don't mess with it any more. Everything needs to have a beginning, middle, and end, including the process by which it is created.

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