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Isn't a bit little music here or is only my impression?

Discussion in 'Film & Film Production' started by Daniele Nasuti, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. I was watching this old tv series these days and I noticed that there is less music than I'm used to.
    I would ask if it's my impression or if it's really like that.
    It's a thing of old series that in those years had less music than now, or are the nowdays production that contains too much music?

    @Mike Verta what do you think about?

  2. Lois and Clark?! This is not an old series. Composing-wise it was already over by the time this show was airing. People like John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith had long since left television by this point. I think Alf Clausen may be the only actual composer who still writes for television. Seth MacFarlane has gotten some Heavy Hitters to do episodes of his show the Orville, but that's so exceedingly rare it doesn't really count.
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  3. I meant old referred to those after 2000... This is from 90's

    So there is something wrong about the music here... I compared to Smallville i.e. composed by Mark Isham, which is good music and did in a professional way imho.
    A part for the actual music, Lois and Clark instead seems to me to be lacking of music, I mean seems to have too much times between a music and another. I was only wondering if this was normal in series of those years or even before.
  4. Still more melodic than a lot of the music on TV.
  5. Thanks Mike! :p

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