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Introducing myself + some Music

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Carlos Riesco, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. Hello eveyone, Im Carlos from Buenos Aires, Argentina and this is my first post here. I want to make a little introduction about myself and share with you two pieces of music I wrote.

    I play guitar, violin, and now I'm learning piano. A few years ago I discovered that film music is what I like most so I started studying scores and composing little stuff, but I never really got into it until this year when I decided to focus on this. So I realized that I have a long road in front of me, from composing to the final production there are a lot of things in between, but I'm really happy of going through it. Although, sometimes I get lost because you can't do eveything at the same time. I just finished watching composition 1 and 2 masterclasses and now I'm seeing what's next.

    So, I wonder if you could listen to this 2 pieces I wrote (or at least one of them) and give me honest feedback. I dont mind if you destroy me (I already have a girlfriend to flatter me :D), I want to improve and get better and maybe you can point me in one direction.

    This first piece, tries to tell the story of a little girl going through a magical forest.

    In this second piece, I tried to use octaves and build something around them, and tell different emotions that come up around a farewell.

    I didn't try to sound like a true orchestra, I don't even have a balanced template yet, but I did try to reflect the emotions and colors of the stories.

    Thank you for reading, listening, and sharing your thoughts.
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  2. I really liked the magical forest piece. I think it was really strong in using "film music" harmony and kept moving at a good pace. One thing I think could be improved is to maybe recycle and reuse the theme you set up at first a bit more in order to help hold the different sections/ideas together and give the whole thing more cohesion, but I might have missed the theme coming back.
  3. That will change if you marry her.

    Fine. Overall you have really nice material. Production sounds good, and it's clear you have talent

    That said: Magical Forest Girl (the stronger of the two pieces) makes no sense as whole. It's fragmented and momentary. There is no "thru thread". It's almost like you have picked out your favorite parts of your favorite scores and just lined them up back to back.

    Do you really need piano at the beginning ? I might be nice to just use orchestral instruments. Here is something I wrote 10 years ago that sort of fits in the aesthetic you are after.


    Basically the point is you can take the same harmonic progression you are currently using and give it a more active texture.

    I also did not like the piano and flute in unison. It did not blend well.

    Lastly, while I like it and think you are good at it, be careful of too much SWELL. It can get predictable and boring too. Both pieces have them ..... a lot.

    I would like to hear you write something fast paced. I get a sense you often write in this tempo, and would be good to hear a contrasting piece.

    Thanks for posting, and hope to hear more of your work
  4. @Daniel Drebing Thank you very much for listening and for your feedback.

    @Doug Gibson I really needed that kind of feedback, thank you.
    That's not going to happen, she doesn't want to. I guess I'm lucky xD
    Thanks for sharing your piece. I got the idea. I always have a hard time trying to leave the piano behind.
    You have a good sense. I'll try my best.
  5. Hello! Thanks for sharing!

    I think your music has a nice, dreamy quality to it. :)
  6. Hey, thanks!
  7. I am a hobbyist composer. I have no dreams of ever being paid by anyone for my compositions. In most ways, it is very liberating. I can just write whatever I want to write, and if no one listens, so what? The bad part of being a hobbyist composer is that 1) no chance of a live performance and 2) no one listens. What do you want to do? Are you dreaming of being a professional media composer as your main source of income? Do you just want to write music similar to the media music you like, but as a hobbyist? No need to tell me, but have a firm concept in your mind of where you are going.

    Either way, please stick around. Listen to other music posted on this site. Respond, even if just an opinion. I'll look forward to hearing more of your work.

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