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Interstellar Rescore

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Ben Winfield, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. Recently completed this rescore of the 'no time for caution' scene from interstellar for a uni project. Done in quite a different style compared to Zimmer's, more a John Williams/John Powell style. Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra, Hans Zimmer Percussion, Spitfire. LABS Choir, Volca Keys.


  2. Hm this is a hard one.

    My first impression is that you are not there yet. Sadly I can't really explain exactly what it is, but the music felt most of the time pretty disconnected from the picture. And not only in terms of timing.
    It's hard to give meaningful feedback when I'm not sure how to do it better, but I can at least leave my impressions here:

    - If find the brass "brawws" at the beginning very irritating. It is a bit too dramatic for the moment for me (and by now an overused cliche). I mean your piece is just starting out and the tense part of the scene is 4 minutes down the line. The same for your motif at the beginning. I find it a bit too much for the start.
    When I compare it to the original you can hear just forward pushing pulses. Nothing too dissonant. A few pushing string hits. These ideas could translate really well into a Williams style I believe.
    - at 0:42 the transition is a bit on the nose. Feels like the equivalent of showing a light bulb over the head of the character for me. Again comparing with the original: The music starts when the engine starts, not when the character acts, and it is way more subtle
    - Then the whole thing is, at least for me, over the top heroic which doesn't feel right here. Sure he is being brave and heroic, but the music almost feels like someone dying in a battle

    I will stop right here. I think you get my point.
    In terms of drama I think you could learn a lot by analysing the original composition. The Guy knows his drama, it's just another style.

    But all what I said might be just for me. I would not be able to do it any better so take it with a grain of salt. Just my opinion :)

    Hope it helps!
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  3. Yeah I see your points! This was for an assessment at uni, so if I was given this scene I wouldn't score it this style anyway, I just tried to do something different from the original - which I could never hope to surpass!

    Thanks for your feedback!

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