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Interesting video about Horner's work for Avatar

Discussion in 'On Horner' started by Thomas van der Burg, Apr 2, 2020.


  1. It talks about how they tried to create a completely new genre blending all kinds of ethnic music together, but Cameron rejecting everything because it sounds to weird for him.

    I immediately thought of what Mike always says about "Pattern recognition". Listeners don't give a damn about if the music is some sort of blend of all kind of genres, they just want to FEEL like they are in some new alien world and music just has to give them a guiding hand to get to that new Alien world.

    I feel like they forgotten that philosophy when creating the score for Avatar.
  2. Is there a way to hear the demos that were rejected? Sounds very interesting.

    Hard to tell just from the guy verbally describing what happened.
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  3. Not really, no. It just seems like the music department had a different vision for the music from the director, at least from my understanding. While the music department was going to create a new idiom, the director seemed to want a blend of it with our world, which is a bit of an impossible task, because western music has very different goals than the ethnic music it was going to be based on. What they eventually ended up doing was adapting it to our western sensibility in order to simply create a vibe but when you strip ethnic music from its essence (which is not structure or pattern) you're only left with nonsensical sounds and this is why the soundtrack fails its premice. There is a place for experimental music and specifically to this case, I think it would have been fitting with what they were trying to accomplish with the movie.
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