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If you've never heard all of JW's "Wide Receiver"

Discussion in 'Score Study Resources' started by Gharun Lacy, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. I'd never heard the entire piece before today, so I figured I'd share. Some pretty wild brass and rhythmic stuff going here. Will transcribe a few bars this weekend.

  2. A few bars !!!??? Put your man pants on and do at least 16. Cmon man... you can do it !!

    I am sad this is the last weekend I can watch my AZ Cardinals play. My man Larry Fitz. has been awesome to watch for so many years.

    I'll transcribe this while I watch them play the Sea-bitches.
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  3. What are the odds

    Sign me up BTW.
  4. Ok @Doug Gibson. Challenge excepted. Fitz has been a class act. Enjoy his last game. I'm a Redskins fan (yep.......):confused: so I'm just sad........all the time.
  5. Why sad ? Try having Blaine Gabbert as your QB. Can't believe we lost in D.C.

    Anyhow..... you can totally do 16 bars. "I think I can..... I think I can". Just think of how good it will feel to know you can.

  6. #6 Aaron Venture, Dec 30, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2017
    Here's my take (Docdroid PDF) on those first few bars. Concert pitch.
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  7. Well, Hell Yeah ! My man,.... "AV Styles".... matches the bench mark. Congrats you've earned yourself a listen to this song.

    (Now go flex in front of a mirror while listening to this)

    Come on Gharun ! We're here to help.

    DON'T LOOK at Aaron's yet ! Give it a shot cold first.


    So interesting to see the possible ways of notating the music. I've just kept mine in 4/4, and used 16th triplets.
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  8. @Aaron Venture / @Doug Gibson
    Was going to block out some some time Sunday, but the Curtis Mayfield got me inspired. I'm going in, now.

  9. Ok Felleas. I took it from the B section at bar 11. That's were the rhythm stuff that got my attention was. Hopefully this pretty close. Thanks for the motivation, by the way. Transcription is torture for me but have to struggle through it to get better.

    Question for you guys: At the end of the B section (starting at 18) I can't lock on to what is happening time signature wise. 18 feels like a switch to 5/4 for me. Then at 19 i switched to 2/4 trying to line up the end of the phrase but it feels like that last Bb just kills it a half a beat early. It's like the phrase ends on 1 & 2 &. It's a nice rhythmic "hiccup" but I have no idea how to notate. I'm sure my switch to 5/4 at 18 is wrong but I don't have the experience to put it together. After my head hit the keyboard at 3:30 in the morning I had to call it.

    Any hoo....I'll come back to this.

    Wave file

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  10. Peer pressure!

    The piece is 4/4 throughout, after the first 2 bars at 6/4 (or 4bars at 3/4, however you wanna spell it). At bar 11 is a start of an 8bar B-section, and the C# and Bb eighths at the end of your PDF are actually the first beat and offbeat of bar 19, from where you can count 4 measures before the melody starts again. To simplify, download the mp3, and load it into a DAW at 96bpm and just move it slightly backward to align that first hit. Then mark your first 2 6/4 measures and everything should be clear from then on (you don't have to mark them actually, the whole piece will simply be a measure ahead than what we referenced here).
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  11. You had to call it what ? Man pants is what I call it. Way to go !!!

    So now, since AV Styles got the Mayfield...... here is your assignment:

    Take your 5 pages, and walk down the street and you will be instantly teleported into a real life version of this video.

    After staying up until 3:30, you probably have a fever. And only one thing can cure that fever. Yep..... this video's got the cowbell for ya.


    So, my Cardinals won in Seattle. I got sucked into the game.

    How did you make that cool scroll thing ? I'll post my PDF, but now I have "scroll envy".

    Here is as far as I got.

  12. Peer Pressure........for good, not evil. Who knew?

    So I woke up at about 0900 this morning (Happy New Year, gents!) and I sat down for a productive holiday of transcription when I saw this: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/start-scoring-movies-now/

    The trailer was only 1m10sec so I figured I'd make that the challenge for the day; Finish the trailer, and incorporate some "Wide Receiver" rhythms. After hearing all the "sound designey" stuff from other entries (nothing wrong with "sound designey", btw) I decided to add one more challenge. See how may times I could squeeze this melodic figure into 1m10:


    Nothing special about the figure, it's just the first thing that came to my fingers.

    I managed to finish thanks to the wife running interference with the kids (make up foosball tournament will be held tomorrow)

    Count how may times you hear the figure.

    @Doug Gibson for the scroll..I uploaded my PDF to google drive then pasted the link....and the Redskins lost to the 3 win Giants....:confused:

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