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I like Star Wars so much I fuck it.

Discussion in 'UNIT M3' started by Mike Verta, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Following this project has been pretty incredible. Any idea when or if it will be finished?
  2. Mike, do I understand correctly that this is an endeavor entirely independent of 4k77?
  3. Yes this project is nearly 13 years old.
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  4. I just started having a look at this project and it's pretty amazing. It would be great to see the final result one day. Keep up the good work! Did you show it to your son? I remember you mentioning it as a birthday present in one of your masterclasses.
  5. Funny that this should come up now, because I was wondering if the project was still alive and kicking. Afaik, the only way this will ever see release is if Disney buys it from Mike, which I hope will one day happen but... Disney being disney...

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