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How do you all organise the projects on your drives?

Discussion in 'Forum How-To's' started by Duncan Formosa, Dec 28, 2023.

  1. I always enjoy learning from other peoples workflow to try and be a bit more efficient and organised and I was starting to wonder, how do you all organise your projects on your drives?

    I've only been doing this for 3 years and looking at my folder now I've realised it's starting to get a little bit messy and looking to start cleaning it up a bit.

    This is how it looks currently.

    1. On the root of my RAID I've got everything numbered at the start based on how frequently I'll be visiting those folders. So far so good...

    Then, we get into the music folder itself...this is where it all goes downhill. In the root of that folder you'll see a bunch of the music projects that I have finished over the past 3 years since I started which now has 67 folders and counting. Normally for quick access to the projects I'm currently working on I'll just organise by date modified so it jumps to the top...but if I have to look anything out, this becomes a pain in the ass.


    At the very bottom of the folder I then have a brain dump folder which is just where I put any ideas that have sprung to mind that may or may not get finished at some point (if they do get finished, I move the folder out of there.) I also have a covers folder and a transcribing folder which will contain both mockups and written transcriptions. I've put a zz_ on these ones so I know they are always at the bottom.

    The completed projects are the main issue. How do I find a good way of archiving them and also making it easy to find things? At some point in 2024 I want to revisit a couple of old tracks and try and do them differently since I've learned a lot over the last 3 years.

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone else does!
  2. Following, I don't really have a better idea honestly and this is probably more organized than mine is.
  3. The only other thing I can think of is this.

    - Have the root of the music folder only contain projects that are currently a work in progress.
    - At the end of the project, move the folder into another folder that is labeled with the years date.
    - Create a spreadsheet where each year has it's own page and then note down which projects were done for each year. Then whenever I'm looking for something, I can type the title in (assuming I can search words across multiple pages) and then it will then hopefully show me where it is.

    Looks like there's a few easy ways to do this without manually typing it all out. Would just need to paste the file path into a browser and the copy and paste the data into a spreadsheet and remember to keep it up to date...Not sure if that's more work than it needs to be though.
  4. Can't you just use the search in the folder for that??
    I mean if you know the name of the project, then it should be no problem to search for it, right?

    Otherwise I think it is already good organized, and definitely better than my folders, but I do not have as much projects as you have there.

    I think it makes sense to make a folder for each year because otherwise you will have to do a lot of scrolling in ten years when you are searching for a project from 2023.
  5. I can, but then it will also bring up all the files accociated with that name. I tend to duplicate my reaper projects before making changes to have backups so that can get kind of messy.

    The other two options are inputting this into the search box so that it will only bring up folders "kind: folder filename: the battle" although I personally think that's a lot of typing and I like to try and make things work as quickly as possible. Not to mention, windows search can be a bit on the slow side itself.

    The other option I found is using a programme called "everything." It seems to scan the drive when you set it up and maybe creates a database or something so that you can search things instantaneously which is really neat. There also seems to be a check box just for folders and filepaths. So I guess if I set all up the way I want it to, I could find what I'm looking for much faster.
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  6. That sounds more reasonable than a spreadsheet to to me.

    Btw I just organized my projects as well and took some inspiration from you :)
    1_Just for me
    3_Transcriptions and Copys

    And The Gigs folder has years in them to find stuff more easily.
    But the Just for me and Ideas folder are basically just unsorted piles of projects, some finished, some not and some never will be continued.
  7. Nice one! I'm thinking of creating a workflow thread on the site, maybe do a video of my current workflow to kick things off. The idea being we can all share ideas on how we all work so we can all become more efficient. I'm always facinated seeing other workflows and trying to incorporate them.
  8. Sounds great! Finding out about different workflows is also interesting to me
  9. Been thinking about this, and I think so long as projects are loosely organized it doesn't really matter? Providing that:
    1. One names the project appropriately and can remember the project
    2. There is a sophisticated search function and appropriate tags for each folder such that one can locate what one is looking for in the event of forgetting the name. Will have to look into the "Everything" program. Speed is really useful, no creativity killer like having to do mundane PC stuff.

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